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Some former East End and East Side Teachers who've contacted us....

Margaret (Maggie) King, East Side Middle School (1968 to 1973); iaquinto@ozemail.com.au
Pasquale 'Pat' Corso (CT); Harding (1951-1956); patcorso@aol.com
Carol (Nerkowski) Weller (PA); Harding (1960-1967); carol.weller2@verizon.net Carol: Then and Now
Sister Marie Frances (NJ); Blessed Sacrament Grammar School (1934 to 1955, and 1985 to 1991); klingop@juno.com
Sister Mary Amelia (NJ); Blessed Sacrament Grammar School in the 50's and 60's, can be contacted through Sister Marie Frances' e-mail address; klingop@juno.com

        It you are a former East End or East Side school teacher and would like to be included in Our Teachers Section, please go to the How to Join Section and fill out a membership form. Please include school names and years. 

Teachers Remembrance.....

Eleanor M. (May) Balogach, also known as "Miss May", a retired teacher for Blessed Sacrament School and the City of Bridgeport, passed away February 14, 2011 at St. Vincent's Medical Center at age 82: Obituary
Alfred Berkowitz, Harding Teacher, passed away at age 79 on April 11, 2012, at St. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport, CT.

Virginia Dale Capron, a dancing teacher well-loved by hundreds of area families for decades, "Miss Virginia" passed away at age 90 on March 23, 2011at Lord Chamberlain Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Stratford, CT. She had a dance school in the East End on Fifth Street in the 1950s and 1960's. View:

Helen Carroll; Hall Grammar, Music, passed away in 1997:  Obituary
Elinor Clancy (CT); Harding (1940-1973); Gym Teacher (40-62), Guidance Counselor (62-73). Passed away August 4, 2005, in Southbury, Ct. Obituary
Miss Josephine T. Dargan, Principal of Garfield School in the 1960's, and later Principal of Longfellow School, died in Bridgeport on January 13, 2003 at the age of 98.
Daniel R. DeMarco; Harding (1959-1969) Band Director; Beardsley, Hooker, East Side Middle (1969-1974), died in Bridgeport on January 20, 2008, at age 78:  Obituary
James Delegianis, former Harding High School teacher, passed away at age 68 on December 1, 2013.
Ann E. Dunigan, first principal of Thomas Hooker School (1940-1961), passed away in December, 1975.
Dorothy Ferrigno, Harding High Girls Gym Teacher in the 1960s, passed away at age 82 on July 16, 2012, in Fairfield, CT.
Helena Gale; Hall Grammar, Principal, passed away in 1999:  Obituary
Stanley Hemmingway; Harding High School; Head of the Science Department; passed away in July 1975 at age 64 years.
Laura Lee "Miss K" Kaminski, longtime Bullard-Havens teacher, passed away on August 22, 2007, in Ocala FL: Obituary
Margaret Kiernan; Harding High, History & Social Studies, passed away in 2000:  Obituary
Sister Mary Kathleen Malarky, former teacher at Blessed Sacrament School on Union Ave in Bpt, passed away at age 90 on March 3, 2012, in Caldwell, NJ.
Helen Masterberti; Hall Grammar, passed away in 2000:  Obituary
Abraham Mellitz; Harding High (1952-80), Physics, Chemistry, General Science teacher, passed away at age 90 in St. Petersburg, Florida, on August 6, 2006. Abe in Florida: Photo 
Victor Miller; Harding High, Industrial Arts, passed away in 2000:  Obituary
Lilian E. Plasic, longtime Harding High teacher, Commercial Studies, passed away on November 10, 2007: Obituary  and: Photo 
John F. 'Jack' Roche, Harding High Science Teacher, passed away at 82 on October 14, 2011, in Naples, FL.
Sam Sarkissian, former teacher and Principal at Newfield School, and long time resident of the East End from Alex Street, passed away on October 19, 2006, at the age of 84 years. (
A graduate of Harding High School class of 1941, he was the class valedictorian.)
Evelyn Sills, former Teacher and Principal at Harding High School passed away at age 89 on April 11, 2012, in Stratford, CT.
s Natalie Simone, 8th Grade Teacher at Franklin School, passed away on February 9, 2008, in Kennebunk, Maine, at age 96 years.
Julia Swanson, longtime Harding High School Choral Director, passed away April 12, 2009 in CT. Obituary
Edward T. Tamashunas; Harding High, Health & Physical Education, passed away in 1999:
Miss Emily F. Zeller, a former teacher at Thomas Hooker School, passed away at the age of 97 on November 15, 2013.
Raymond V. Ziko; Harding High teacher, passed away at age 81 in Trumbull, CT on February 16, 2010: Obituary

     If you have a name you would like to submit for this listing, please email the information to: eastenders.alumni.assoc@gmail.com