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The following people are seeking to reconnect with some old friends... 

(Note: if you're looking for someone, try the websites: www.zabasearch.com or www.spokeo.com Also, there are other "people-finder" web sites listed in our: "More Websites" section)

Diane (Scott) Wilcox, Harding Class of 1963, at email address dely682@live.com is looking for fellow classmates Carol Padar and Barbara Stanfield.

Bill Kochiss, Harding Class of 1966, at email address cannondale5@yahoo.com is looking for fellow classmate Beverly Petro.

Janet (Katuska) Julian, Franklin School Class of 1958 and Harding Class of 1962, at email address janetjulian65@yahoo.com is looking for Marie DiGaralimo.

Lenny Roberto, at email address lroberto@fairfield.edu is looking for Frannie Moran, Harding High Class of 1963.

Charlie Zdravesky, at email address hotlix@unm.edu is looking for Ramona Braycheck, Success Park circa 1955.

Madge (Soda) Jasiczek at email address jazzymadge@att.net is looking for Susan Drank, Lincoln School Class of 1958 and Harding High Class of 1962.

Susan Wilcox at email address april.popkin@gmail.com is looking for (1) Deborah Weisman, maiden name "Frauworth", Bassick High Class of 1962 or 1963; (2) Eva Weitzel (sp?), Beardsley class of 1957 and her older brother, Harry Weitzel, probably graduated from high school somewhere in Bridgeport in 1952. He was my older brother's best friend. They lived as kids on Magnolia Street. Also searching for anyone who now lives in Maryland that grew up in Bridgeport.

Elizabeth (Betty Hanson) Thompson (McKinley 1956, Harding 1960) at email address: ehansonsmi@yahoo.com is looking for Joe Zavatsky (or his sister) who went to Harding High until 1959-60 and then transferred to Bassick High School. He was on the tennis and swim teams.

Marion Best (Harding 1947) at email address: lklosterman1@sandi.net is looking for Goldie Holzer  (married name unknown.)

Mario "Sonny" Parrelli (Harding '65), at email address: parrelli@aol.com  is looking for Gail Osborne (Harding Class of '65) who lived near Treeland.

Jim Dale, at email address: tctdales3@sbcglobal.net  is looking for Mary E. Royak and Annette Y. Volpe (both Harding Class of '51).

Charles Olsen (Lincoln (63), Harding (67), at email address: snoopycharles@att.net is looking for Douglas Putnam (Harding '67), and Jeanette Harbert (a Harding High teacher in 1967).

Gayle (Costanzo) VanPelt (McKinley '61, Harding '65), at email address: gayle_van_pelt@comcast.net is looking for Lucy Clayton.

Elizabeth (Hanson) Thompson (McKinley '56, Harding '60), at email ehansonsmi@yahoo.com  is looking for Joe Zavatsky (Harding '60), and Bonnie Sullivan (Harding '58).

Richard Widomski (St John Nepomucene (55), Fairfield Prep, Bullard Havens (60); Ogden St, White St), at email address: rwidomski@snet.net is looking for Tommy Watson from Shelton Street. He was in California in the 1960's, and returned to Bridgeport in the 1970s.

Annie (Gall) Nelson, at email address: ANelson@norwalkcompressor.com is looking for Summerfield Elementary School Class of 1962 classmates: the Berry girls (lived on White Street) and Maureen Mercer.

Susan (Eannotti) Trabka, at email address: susan.trabka@ge.com is looking for Sandy Rupar (Harding Class of 1969).

Holly Barton (Hooker Elementary until 1961), Fleetwood Place, at email address: ratsmouth@aol.com  is looking for Linda Plasko, Kathleen Brotherton, Eileen Rich, and Denise Brescia, who attended Thomas Hooker School and would have graduated in 1962.

The Thomas Hooker Class of 1962 via email address: ratsmouth@aol.com  is looking for one of their former teachers, Kurt W. Johnson, who taught at Hooker in the 1950s.

Benjamin Marszalek at email address: bjmarsz@bresnan.net is looking for Beverly Iodice, and Jenny Gayda, who both graduated from Harding in 1966.

Alice (Kollar) Lampe (Harding 1959) at email address: alampe@peoplepc.com is looking for Judy Krakowski who graduated from Harding in 1959.  She lived in Trumbull, while attending school. Married Paul Mercer. Would love to hear from her.

Ted Kobziak (Williams St, Island Brook Ave; St. Michael's 1952, Bullard Havens 1956), at email address: ri2az@msn.com  is looking for Earnest Lea from St. Charles class of 1952.

Victoria 'Vicki' (DeAndrea) Hartz (McKinley 1956, Harding 1960, Hollister Ave), at email address: secretsbyvic@optonline.net  is looking for Anne Rajotte (Harding 1960).

Lynne (Bullard) Tesla (Harding 1966) at email address: ltesla@yahoo.com is looking for Kathleen Fox Dolan (Harding 1966): "She and I went to Harding High School together.  We graduated in the class of 1966.  We lost touch after I moved out of state in 1987.  I know she is married again and I would really like to get in touch with her."

John Cushma (Fairfield Prep 1963) at email address: jwcushma@bellsouth.net  is trying to locate Raeanne Monski (Notre Dame '63, Sacred Heart University '67 or '68).

Keith Nelsen (Summerfield 1961, Harding 1965; Judson Place) at email address: knelsen@lindquistbuilderssupply.com  wants to know if anyone has heard from Joanne Junghans (Summerfield 1961, Harding 1965).

Richard Fattibene (St. Charles '60, Bullard Havens to '62, Harding '64;  East Main St.) at email address: rfattibene@charter.net  is looking for Maryann Grabiec (Harding '64) Pearl Harbor Street.

Holly Barton (Hooker Elementary until 1961), Fleetwood Place, at email address: ratsmouth@aol.com  would like to hear from any girls who were in Mrs. Rockel's Girl Scout troop at Hooker Elementary in the late 1950s-early '60s.

Ruben Curnow (Kolbe '67), at email address: rcurnow@cfl.rr.com  is looking for Annmarie Fedak; she lived off Boston Ave, in the neighborhood behind the Diner before the Stratford town line. We knew each other from grade school in the West-End.

Lou "Pee Wee" Stevens, at email address:  stvns_ls@yahoo.com would like to get in touch with Bobbie Broadnax, the Parmlee sisters, Eugene "Butchie" Waller, Joyce McAden, Ronetta (Woodford) Blackwell, Paulette & Flora Bell, Barbara Graham, Vernie Watkins.

Bonnie (Bernice Hughes) Warner, at email address: bonniejh914@Yahoo.com  would like to get in touch with Ron (Ronnie) Goodchild from Pembroke Street.

Carol (Walsh) Cooney, at email address: Carolkfd2@aol.com  would love to get in touch with Marian Nettle, Harding class of 65. Marion married football captain Gus Nettle.

Larry Smetana, at email address:  lsmetana@pdcinc.com  is looking to find Judy LaRusso (Harding High 62-64).

Bob Engelhard, at email address: arvj@aol.com, is looking for David Kopsco who attended St. Charles 1957-1960, and later Notre Dame. He also attended the University of Bridgeport.

Bob D'Attolo, at email address: bobart07@aol.com, is looking for Ed Sutherland (maybe: Southerland?) who attended Franklin School.

Carmen "Lucy" (Rivera) DeJesus, at email address: clucy42@netzero.net is looking for any information (married name, contact information, etc.) on fellow classmate Nancy Guerrera from Harding Class of 1961.

Maggie King, at email address: iaquinto@ozemail.com.au is looking for Leona Fusco. Both were teachers at East Side Middle School in the 1970s.

Jimmy "Elvis" Conway is looking for Louann Pete, who lived on Connecticut Avenue.

Carolyn (Dempsey) Moran (Harding Class of 1963) is looking for classmate Cathy Stokes (Harding 1963).

Fred Epstein (Harding Class of 1965) is looking for some of his old Harding Class of 1965 classmates: Leo Krikorian, Steve Ruggiero and Norm Moriber.

Sally (Prillaman) Casler (Beardsley, St. Charles, Harding) is looking for Ann Miller Van Wagner (Harding '56). email Sally at: sallie042001@yahoo.com

James 'Jim' Plavcan; St. John Nepomocene (57), Notre Dame (61); and Orchard Street, is looking for Ellen Mizak, Notre Dame (61).

Judy (Carter) Alexander, Barnum (61), Harding (61-63), is looking for Jean Eannuzzi, Barnum (61). 

Helen Andrasko, Shelton St., and St. John Nep ('50), is looking for Eddie Toohey, who worked at the East Main St. A & P. email Helen at: handrasko@mindspring.com

Lorraine (Loso) Halica (Harding '67) is searching for Judy (Merritt) Molnar (Harding '67).

Rheta (Hayes) Clark is looking for Linda Goldman Primrose.

Russ Salerno is looking for fellow McKinley 1957 classmates: Jenny Watkins, and Roger Stein.

Geraldine Toth now (Benton) is looking for Mike Cioppa who graduated from Harding in 1960.

Tony Pavlich, McKinley '63, is looking for classmates: Carol Mathews, Patricia Sheridan, and Janet Houk.

Jim Jarusinsky, Harding '62, is looking for Ginny Thompson, from East Avenue, and Harding Class of 1960.

Carmen Lucy (Rivera) DeJesus (Harding '61) is looking for classmate Nancy Guerrera (Harding '61).

Do you have, or know where to get, a 1948 Harding High School yearbook? If so, contact: DCG777@juno.com

Rose Patronelli is looking for classmates of Highland Heights in New Haven, formerly known as St. Francis Orphanage. Please contact Rose Patronelli at 561-479-0874 or email yaffali@bellsouth.net By the way, Rose's mother, Rose Berardi, was known as "Connecticut's Accordion Queen".

Bette-Jean Mastroni-Perez (Blessed Sacrament '57) would love to reconnect with Rita Marri, who lived on Central Avenue near Orange Street, right next to the Blessed Sacrament Church parking lot.

Fred Suhy (Harding '61) is looking for old friend Glada Martin.

Dorothy Dennis wants to hear from anyone who knows James Ingram - Harding (61), who lived on Seaview Ave.

Colleen (Bunny McCue) Comunale is looking to hear from her old pals: Arlene Griffith '63 and Mary Ella Callahan '63.

Linda (Drew) Bloomingdale is looking for Charlie Scott, Mary Dawson, Mary Anne Dakun, and Alice Auth.

Sharon (Drew) Alves is looking for Joyce Nicosia.

Tom Barber is looking for Harry Way (Bullard-Havens) and Clifford Rowland (Bullard Havens).

Joseph Deutsch (Harding 63) is looking for Marie Verwayen who lived near Edison School, and Noreen Buynak, and Janet Smith.

Linda (Berardi) Leibowitz (Harding, Central '62) is looking for Patty Pilat from Stueben St., Billy Bond, Hazel Speed, Pinky Lee, Madeline Ciaramello, and Anthony Luparello.

    Are you looking for someone? If so, send us their name(s) and other info to the following email address: