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How To Join The Alumni Association - Just complete and submit the membership form shown below!  

NOTE: Current Members wishing to change their email address may use this form, as well. Simply enter your name, your new email address, and "email address change" in the comments section and then click on the SUBMIT button.

    This is a FREE site. There is little cost involved in managing this site, so we aren't going to charge anything for this service. It is purely a "labor of love" on behalf of Jim Sullivan. In fact, we may be the only alumni website that offers you the ability to contact other alumni without having to pay any fees. So, become a member now. We are committed to staying FREE.

    Membership in the Alumni Association is open to all those who meet  BOTH  of the following two membership eligibility requirements:

(1) You were born during the 1940s.


(2) You lived on either the East End or the East Side of Bridgeport. 

        If you meet BOTH of these requirements, and you would like to be included in the Alumni Association database, please complete the following form. If you were not born during the 1940's, we regret we can no longer accept or list your information - please do not submit a form. 


  • You MUST have a valid email address to become a member. If you do not have one, I suggest you visit the Google web site (or any similar sites offering free email service) and signup for their free email service.

  • If you have a SPAM FILTER on your current e-mail which requires you to authorize e-mail addresses from which you will accept messages, please modify the FILTER to accept e-mail from the following address: eastenders.alumni.assoc@gmail.com


Form Submission notes: 

  • Use your TAB KEYS to move between entries on the form -  DON'T use your ENTER key. 

  • Click on the SUBMIT button when you are completed.

  • Some Internet Security Systems, such as Norton, may not allow the type of coding used for the following form. If you get an error message, such as "page not found" after you click on SUBMIT, you should use your normal e-mail to send the requested information Jim Sullivan at:  eastenders.alumni.assoc@gmail.com 

Your Full Name and Nickname  (if any):
Maiden Name (if female):
Spouse's Name (optional):
Current Street Address:
City, State, Zipcode:
Full E-mail Address:
Phone Number:
Date of Birth - Unless a Teacher, must be during the 1940s:
Dates lived in the East End or East Side:
Street(s) lived on in the East End or East Side:
Schools attended in the East End or East Side
(Please include your Graduation Dates):
How did you locate this web site?:
Additional Comments: