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A Listing of our 1,070 Members.....  (Last updated on April 26, 2014)



Helpful Notes:

  • Female alumni are listed under their MAIDEN name.

  • Following each person's name is their current State residence, schools attended, streets lived on, and E-mail address.

  • If the listing has a THEN and/or a NOW indicated, you may view their pictures by clicking on either THEN (for when you knew them!) or NOW (for how they currently look!). 

  • If you remember anyone on the list, be sure to send them an e-mail greeting, even if it is only a "Hi, Remember Me?"  

  • If there is NO email address listed, please contact Jim Sullivan at  sully1944@gmail.com for contact information.

  • Finally,  for those who might find the print a "wee bit too small", I can recommend the following courses of action: (1) Hold down your CTRL key and press the "+" key until you get the size you prefer; or, (2) If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, click on the 'View' option on the top line of Internet Explorer, then move your mouse selection down to "Text Size", and from there you can select a viewing size which best suits your needs. I'm sure other popular internet browsers have similar options.

Angelo 'Punior' Abbate (FL); Hall (56), Harding (to 58); Success Park; Abbatevictorj@aol.com
Vic Abbate (FL); Hall (53), St Ambrose (59), Bullard Havens (to 63), Harding (64); Success Park; Abbatevictorj@aol.com Vic: Now
Peter 'Greek' Adam (MA); Lincoln (55), Harding (59); Connecticut Ave; ptadam@verizon.net
Mary Ann (Affannato) Ferris (FL); St. Charles (55), Harding (59);  Caroline St.; mryfrrs1@yahoo.com
Elizabeth 'Betty' Agriesto (FL); McKinley (59), Harding (63); Davenport St, Bunnell St.; eagriesto@cfl.rr.com
Peggy Ann 'Cookie' (Alexandro) Szafko (CT); Waltersville, St. Michaels (56), Harding (60); Father Panik Village, Hamilton St, Steuben St; pegszafko@yahoo.com
Margaret (Alling) Walsh (VT); Edison (56), Harding (60); Success Park; jaws1288@comcast.net
Nancy (Anamasi) Simmonds (CT); Beardsley (58), Harding (62); Bradley St; donaldsimmonds@sbcglobal.net
Forest 'June' (Ancefsky) Eastwood (FL); Beardsley (57), Harding (until 59); East Main St; ummirain@aol.com
Laura (Anctil) Voytek (CT); St. Charles (63), Notre Dame  (67); Putnam St, Standish St; lavoytek@optonline.net
Phil Anctil (VA); St. Charles (61), Notre Dame (65); Putnam St, Standish St; mapa244@gmail.net  Phil: Then and Now
Linda (Andera) Lungi (CT); St. John Nepomucene (60), Harding (64); Glenbrook Rd, Success Park Court A; llungi@sbcglobal.net
Kathleen Anderson (ID); Blessed Sacrament (58), Harding  (62); Sixth St, Logan St.; dicknkate@q.com
Paul Anderson (CT); Waltersville (63), Harding (67); FPV, Shelton St, Kossuth St; paulanderson@optonline.net
Robert Anderson (CA); Blessed Sacrament (55), Fairfield Prep (59); Sixth St, Logan St.; invalid email address
Joe Angelica (CT); Hooker (57), Fairfield Prep (61); Evers St; ja@angelmas.com
John Aranjo (CA); Lincoln (61), Harding (65); Beardsley St, Newfield Ave; johnaranjo01@yahoo.com
Donna (Arcuri) Poremba (CT); St. Marys (59), Harding  (63); East Main St, Pembroke St; donnapo@netzero.net
Ernest Arnold (OK); St. Ambrose, Summerfield, Harding (62); Richfield Ave; invalid e-mail address
Richard Arnold (CT); Summerfield (62), Harding (66); Ridgefield Ave, Barnum Ave; rarnold48@aol.com
David Arpie (CT); Harding; Central Ave; invalid email address
Carmen Arroyo (FL); Barnum (60), Harding (64); Barnum Ave;
Robert Arsenault (FL); Lincoln (56), Harding (to 58); Bunnell St, Central Ave, Clifford St; rarsenault@tampabay.rr.com
David Atherden (VA); Lincoln (61), Harding (65); Union Ave; datherden@verizon.net Dave: Now
Mark Atherden (FL); Harding (57); Union Ave ; matherden1@comcast.net
Linda (Atkinson) Cochran (FL); Harding (62); Willow St; lindacochran04@yahoo.com
Joseph 'Butch' Aurilio (AZ); Beardsley (59), Notre Dame (63); Williams St; josepha@longrealty.com
Pat (Aurilio) Della Vecchia (CT); Beardsley (57), Lauralton Hall (61); Yellow Mill Village, William St.; invalid e-mail address
Alice (Auth) Santangini (CT); Hooker (60), Harding (64);  Pilgrim Rd.; sana811@optonline.net
John Babina (CT); Edison (55), Hall (56), Notre Dame (61); Success Park; jbabina@babina.com John: Now
Brian 'Bill' Bailey (CT); Summerfield (58), Harding (62); Ridgefield Ave; bwmbailey@yahoo.com
David Baird (CT); Beardsley (58), Harding (62); Noble Ave; bairdelectric@optonline.net
Mary Ann 'Cookie' (Balazs) Tibert (MA); St. John Nepomucene (55), St. John Nep Commercial (57), Harding (59); Berkshire Ave, Horace St; maryathibert@gmail.com
Ronald Balboni (CT); Barnum (54), Harding (58); Park St; r820b@sbcglobal.net
Al Baldieri (CT); St. John the Baptist (59), Harding (63); Jennings Ave; apbaldieri@gmail.com
Lee Baldieri (CT); Harding (56); Jennings Ave; lee@winemakerproducts.com
Craig Banks (CT); Waltersville, Lincoln (62), Harding (66); Sixth St, FPV, Stratford Ave; p.banks@att.net
Tom Barber (NH); Franklin (52), Harding (56); Maiden Lane; OBARBER@ne.rr.com
Tom Bardelli (FL); Hooker, Harding; Nutmeg Rd; Salenatom@aol.com
Ron Baricko (WI); St. John Nep (58); Pembroke St; rbaricko@yahoo.com
Charles 'Charlie' Barnsley (CT); Edison, Barnum (62), Harding (66); Brooks St; cbarn51736@aol.com
Joann (Baron) Affie (CT); Franklin (61), Harding (65); East Main St; Bobbo9927@yahoo.com
Andy Barrett (IN); St. John's Nep (59), Fairfield Prep (63); Birdsey St; andybarrettii@earthlink.net
Jim Barrett (MD); St. John Nepomucine (56), Fairfield Prep (60); Birdsey St; jbarrett@nea.com
Raymond Barrett (MD); St. John Nepomucine (57), Fairfield Prep (61); Birdsey St; raybarrett@verizon.net
Ronald 'Ron' Barrett (CT); St. John Nepomucine (59), Fairfield Prep (63); Birdsey St; r2barrett@sbcglobal.net
Patricia (Bartnikowski) Smith; St. Charles (58), Harding (62); Shelton St; rpsmithmi@comcast.net
Hollis 'Holly' Barton (NY); Hooker (to 1961), Fleetwood Place; ratsmouth@aol.com
Ronald 'Bart' Bartovic (CT); St Marys (55), Bullard Havens (60); Pulaski St; YMV, Hewitt St, Orchard St;  rbartovic1@aol.com
John 'Jack' Bashar (CT); Hall (62), Harding (66); Kent Ave; barrister49@sbcglobal.net
Walter Bassarab (NY); Garfield (60); Hallet St, Ogden St; basswaist@verizon.net
Lawrence 'Bunky' Baumann (MA); Hooker (58), Harding (62); Jennings Ave; bunkyb33@hotmail.com
Wayne Bayliff (CA); St. Michael's (56), Harding (to 57), Notre Dame (60); YMV, Pembroke St, East Main St; the2writers@gmail.com Wayne: Now
Bob Beaumont (TN); McKinley (62), Bullard Havens (66); Stratford Ave; rabbitman028@yahoo.com
Ronald 'Ron' Bekech (CT); St. John the Baptist (61), Notre Dame (65); Barnum Ave, Arctic St, Jane St; bekech@comcast.net
Sandra 'Sandy' (Belardinelli) Bruno (CT); St Charles (61), Notre Dame (65); Caroline St, Ohio Ave; sbruno@optonline.net
Charles Bell (CT); Lincoln (57), Harding (61); Central Ave; gbcb109@att.net
Earl Benedetto (CT); Beardsley (57), Bullard Havens (61); Livingston Place; ebcon357@yahoo.com  Earl: Then
Barbara (Bennett) Philip (CT); Edison, Summerfield (57), Harding (61); Bond St, Bell St ; barbfwp@sbcglobal.net Barbara: Then and Now
Elaine (Bennett) Gall (CT); Summerfield (57), Harding (61); Seaview Ave, Clarence St; elainegall927@yahoo.com
Linda (Berardi) 'Yaffa' Leibowitz (FL); Harding, then Central (62); William St; yaffali@bellsouth.net Linda: Now
Jerry Berman (FL); Harding (61); Success Park; invalid email address
Robert 'Butt' Betts (CT); Hooker (59), Bullard Havens (63); Nutmeg Rd, Texas Ave; rwbetts@sbcglobal.net  Bob: Now and: Then
Gabriel 'Gabe' Biafore (NV); Lincoln (54), Harding (58); Stratford Ave; gkbia4@aol.com
Peg Billingslea (CT); St. Charles (57), Harding (61);  Huntington Rd.; pegbillingslea@yahoo.com
Gary Biros (CT); Waltersville (58), Harding (62); Sherman St; garybiros@aol.com
Shirley (Biros) Bell (CT); St. Marys, Harding (69); Sherman St, Stratford Ave; catt5d1@snet.net
Ona (Blaze) Garwood (AL); Newfield, Blessed Sacrament, Lincoln (57), Notre Dame (61); Seaview Ave; cgarwood@roadrunner.com
Veronica 'Ronnie' (Blizman) Hibbert (CT); Harding (61); Central Ave; ronniehibbert@sbcglobal.net
John Bobko (CT); Beardsley (54), Harding (58); East Main St; bobkojohn@hotmail.com
Paul Bobkowski (MA); Barnum (49), Harding (54); Maple St; invalid e-mail address
Diane 'Deedee' (Bocchino) Caramanica (CT); Hall (59), Harding (63); Success Park; invalid email address
Elaine (Bocchino) Lynch (CT); Beardsley (51), Edison (56), Hall (59), Harding (63); Success Park; liam@megahits.com
Thomas 'Bogey' Bogardus (CT), Edison (to 55), Waltersville (60), Harding (64); Grandfield Ave, Father Panik Village, Kossuth St; thomas.bogardus@sbcglobal.net
Frederick 'Billy' Borger (VT); Blessed Sacrament (56), Harding (60); Eagle St; bborger@together.net
Angie (Bonaventura) Ward (FL); Garfield  (61), Harding (66); Hallett St.; abw123@myway.com
Joyce (Bonaventura) Birch (CT); Garfield (57), Harding (61); Hallett St;  jfbirch@optonline.net 
Dorothy (Borodack) Daymonde (CT); Beardsley (60), Harding (64); East Main St; ddaymonde@bridgeportedu.net
Frank Boros (NYC); Harding (61); Joseph St; frankjboros@aol.com  Frank: Now
Margaret 'Marge' (Borysewicz) Skapczynski (FL); St. Michaels (55), Harding (59);  Father Panik Village, East Ave; marge1222@excite.com
Dennis Bourassa (OR); Hooker (61), Harding (66); Jennings Ave; dennisb@att.net
Elaine (Boudreau) Cozzi (CT); St. Charles (62), St. Josephs (66); Park St; cozzielaine@sbcglobal.net
Lorraine (Boudreau) Duclos (CT); St. Charles (62), St. Josephs (66); Park St; sebowisha@megalink.net
Marilyn 'Lyn' Boudreau (CT); St Charles (56), Notre Dame (60); Park St; Lynb42@sbcglobal.net
Joseph Bourdeau (FL); Garfield (54), Bullard Havens (58); Maple St, Ogden St; gailsey1130@yahoo.com
Paulette (Bourdeau) Wallat (CT); Hall (59), Harding (63); amy.gold@sbcglobal.net
Olivier 'Owl' Bourgeois (CT); Hall (55), St. Ambrose (63), Kolbe (67); Bishop Ave; pbourge@aol.com
Francis 'Frank' Bowser (CT); Lincoln (56), Harding; Drew Place; frank@ppg-properties.com
Katherine (Boyce) Patrick (CT); St. Charles (56), Notre Dame (60); Nutmeg Rd; kmpatrick@snet.net
Jacqueline 'Jacki' (Braatz) Gaydos (PA); Beardsley (62), Harding (66); Texas Ave; gaydoswj@gmail.com
Anthony 'Tony' Brancato (CA); Franklin; tonydove@dslextreme.com
Stephen Brelsford (TN); Garfield (46-51); Arctic Street; invalid e-mail address
Edward Brennan (CT); Blessed Sacrament (to 55), St. Ambrose (57); Fifth St, Pixlee Place; phyled@charter.net
Peggy Brennan (CT); Blessed Sacrament (to 55), St. Ambrose (61), Notre Dame (65); Fifth St, Pixlee Place; Brennan100@comcast.net
John Brezina (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (63), Harding (67); Clarence St, East Main St, Maple St, Ogden St. Ext; jdb295@yahoo.com
Gary Brideau (CT); Summerfield (59 to 63); Central Ave; thor@thegalaxysentinel.com
Thelma Brideau (WA); Summerfield (60), Harding (64); Central Ave. Seaview Ave, Grant St.; invalid email address
Rose (Bridy) Nemec (CT); Beardsley (59), Harding (63); Horace St; invalid email address
Ron Bronko (CT); McKinley (63), Harding (67); Alex St;  rmb522@hotmail.com
Barbara (Brooks) Seymour (CT); Blessed Sacrament (57), Notre Dame  (61); Hewitt St.; barbfseymour@sbcglobal.net
Jean (Brooks) Killianey (CA); Garfield (57), Harding (61); Helen St, Bell St, William St; jean@killianey.com
Robert 'Brooksie' Brooks (NC); Garfield (58), Harding (62); Pembroke St; rbrooks@ec.rr.com   Bob: Now and: Then
Irene 'Finnie' (Brown) Adams (CT); Waltersville (55), Harding (59); Yellow Mill Village, Webster St; iraadd@optonline.net
Donald Browne (VA); Franklin (58), Harding (62); Seymour St., East Main St.; mohairmediaceo@aol.com  
Wayne Browning (CT); Hall, Harding (to 62), Bullard Havens (65); Pembroke St, Yellow Mill Village, Bishop Ave, Success Park; wayne.browning@mercury-group.com
Joan (Bruchansky) Lavery (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (63), Notre Dame (67); Horace St; invalid email address
George Bryant (SC); Waltersville (60), Harding (64);  Seaview Ave, Yellow Mill Village; fireman7986@gmail.com
Paul Bryant (TX); Waltersville; Father Panik Village, Pembroke St; paulmbryant1@yahoo.com
Diane (Buchino) Skudlarek (CT); Beardsley (57), Harding (61); Brooks St; dianeskud@charter.net
Annette (Buchwalder) Arnold (NJ); Harding (63 ); nettieb06@yahoo.com
Kenneth Buckley (CT); St. John Nep (60), Harding (64); Hayes St.; invalid e-mail address
Raymond Buckley (CT); St. John Nep (56), Bullard-Havens (60); Hayes St.; invalid e-mail address
Mickey Buckmir (CT); Sts. Cyril&Methodius, Fairfield Prep; Hough Ave; 
Linda (Bukoff) Dorman (CT); Edison, Summerfield, Harding (61); Pearl Harbor St; lbdorman@optonline.net
Harry Bukoff (CT); Edison, Summerfield (50), Harding (54); Pearl Harbor St; bukoff0128@msn.com 
Janice (Buksar) Kearney (CT); Blessed Sacrament (63); Read St, Bell St; jk89pomona@aol.com 
Lynn (Bullard) Tesla (CO); Beardsley (62), Harding (66), Louisiana Ave; ltesla@yahoo.com
Marie (Buonaguro) Modaffari (CT); Edison (51), Summerfield (55), Harding (59); Pearl Harbor St; mbuonaguro1@aol.com
Gerald 'Jerry' Buonanno (CT); Barnum (60), Harding (64); Beach St.;  buonannogn@aol.com  
Bonnie (Burdge) Simpson (FL); Beardsley (56-59,60-65), Hooker (59-60), Harding (69); Virginia Ave, Priscilla St, Nelson Terrace; bonbrg@aol.com
Edward 'Ed' Burns (CT); McKinley (59), Harding (63); Hewitt St; DrBurns3@aol.com
Ken Burns (CT); St. Charles, Hooker (56), Bullard Havens (60);  Stillman St., William St., Pilgrim Rd.; ken_burns2001@hotmail.com
Patricia 'Pat' (Burns) Hudak (CT); Hooker (58), Harding (62); Pilgrim Rd.; jphudak@gmail.com
John 'Jack' Butler (CT); St. Charles (54); Evers St; jackbutler5555@yahoo.com
James Buynak (CT); Blessed Sacrament (52), Bullard Havens (56); Eagle St; JamesBuynak@yahoo.com
Carol Ann (Buzak) Hamilton (CT); Blessed Sacrament (62), Harding (66); Wilmot Ave; cahmaxima@sbcglobal.net
Thomas Bryk (CT); St. John the Baptist (63), Bullard Havens (67); Hallett St; ChiefBryk93@aol.com
Barbara (Cahill) Rorick (CA); Hooker (51), Beardsley (54), Harding (58); Remington St; bcrorick@aol.com
Gary Cahill (CT); St. Ambrose (66), Kolbe (70); Success Park Village; gpcahill@snet.net
David Calchera (CT); Blessed Sacrament (58), Notre Dame (62); Carroll Ave; dcalchera@charter.net  David: Then and Now
Bill Callan (CT); Blessed Sacrament (54), Bullard Havens (58); Connecticut Ave; kewblas@att.net
Dolly Camacho (CT); Lincoln (59), Harding (63); Artic St.;  invalid e-mail address  
Johnny Campbell (CT); Waltersville (62), Harding (66); Father Panik Village; jeecee23@gmail.com
Janise (Cannady) Thompson (MD); Lincoln (59), Harding (63); Deforest, Newfield, Suggetts, Trowel, Cowles St; newnana916@yahoo.com
Mary Ann (Cannizzaro) Beecher (CT); Blessed Sacrament (57), Harding (61); Carroll Ave, Bishop Ave; invalid e-mail address
Anna 'Cooky' Capasso (CT); St. Michael (55), Bullard Havens (59); Crescent Place; invalid email address
Toni (Capasso) Koundry (CT); St. Michaels, Sts. Cyril & Methodius; Crescent Pl, North Bishop Ave; toni527@hotmail.com
Elaine (Capozzi) Bissenden (CT); Franklin (57), Sts. Cyril & Methodius Comm (59), Harding (61); Hough Ave; ebissenden@gmail.com
Fred Carlson (CT); St. Michaels (63), Kolbe (67); Caroline St, William St. tgo1967@sbcglobal.net
Christine 'Chris' Carpenter (AZ); McKinley (60), Harding (64); Read St; chriscarpenter@cox.net
Richie Carrano (MA); Bullard Havens (67); Palisade Ave; rcarrano@charger.net
Judy (Carter) Alexander (MD); Barnum (61), Harding (61-63); Noble Ave, Hallet St, William St, Brooks St; jalexander2282@sbcglobal.net  Judy: Then
Guy Caruso (VA); Edison (53), Hall (55), Harding (59); Success Park; Caruso555@aol.com
Larry Cassese (SC); Lincoln (57), Harding (61); Deacon St; invalid e-mail address 
Joanne (Catandella) Fletcher (TX); Blessed Sacrament (54), Lauralton Hall (58); Union Ave; joannefletcher@tx.rr.com
Judy (Cepuch) Fusti (CT); Beach St.
Rosanne (Cerra) Lazar (CT); Blessed Sacrament (58), Harding (62); Stratford Ave, Union Ave; rosannelazar@optonline.net
Carol (Cesero) Grey (CT); Barnum (57), Harding (61); William St; carol.grey@att.net
Robert Chechoski (CT); St. Michaels (60), Bullard Havens (64); Success Park Village; rchechoski@snet.net
Emery Christian (CT); Lincoln (60), Harding (64); Central Ave
Emma (Cicchiello) Reinwald (CT);Garfield,Beardsley(58),St.Johns(60); Berkshire Ave,East Main St; emlou@charter.net
Mary Ann (Cicchiello) Perry (CT); Beardsley (60), Harding (64);  Berkshire Ave., East Main St.; invalid e-mail address
Frank Cicero (CT); Harding (61); Kossuth St; FCicero@charter.net
Mary Ann (Cichocki) Sender (CT); St. Michael's (61); Brooks St; invalid email address
Joan (Cichucki) Allen (IL); Blessed Sacrament (58); Union Ave; adjfa@comcast.net
Joseph Cimino (CT); Franklin, The University School (62); Nichols St; northatlantic@sbcglobal.net
Elisa 'Lee' Cioffi (CT); Sts. Cyril and Methodius (55); Yellow Mill Village; RedElisa@aol.com
Ray Ciuchta (AZ); St. Michaels (54), Harding (58); Boston Ave; rayvivc@cox.net
Rosemary (Ciuci) DeFeo (CT); Hooker (58), Harding (62); Beverly Drive; time4fun407@gmail.com 
Bonnie (Clark) Wilkes (CT); St. Charles (63), St. Josephs (67); Park St., Louisiana Ave; bdcw50@aol.com 
Gail (Clark) Lee (PA); Franklin (53), Lincoln (59), Harding (to 60), Central (63); East Main St, DeForest Ave; Gettysburghome@comcast.net
Ronald 'Ron' Clark (PA); Newfield (59), Lincoln (to 60), Central (66); East Main St, DeForest Ave; Gettysburghome@comcast.net
Linda (Clark) Sciuto (CT); St. Charles (60), Harding (64); Park St, Virginia Ave, Louisiana Ave; invalid e-mail address
Tom Clark (CT); Beardsley (55), Harding (59);  Asylum St.; topkatt10@gmail.com
Judith Clarke (CA); Lincoln (61), Harding (to 1962); Connecticut Ave; judyclarke@yahoo.com
Gery (Cleek) Cuccaro (CT); Thomas Hooker (61), Harding (65); Evers St; cleeker@optonline.net
Geraldine 'Geri' (Colgan) Hughes (CA); McKinley, Blessed Sacrament (61); Carroll Ave; geridean@ymail.com
Peter 'Pete' Comer (VA); Hall (56), Harding (to 59); Success Park; petercomer@hotmail.com
Ed Companik (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (53), Bullard Havens (57); Yellow Mill Village, Hallet St; efc57@aol.com
Eileen 'Lee' (Conklin) Traficante (MA); St. Marys (to 49), St. John Nepomucene (53; 55); Helen St, Maple St; charlet914@comcast.net Eileen: Now
John 'Jack' Connolly (CT); Edison (52-53), St. Ambrose (61), Fairfield Prep (65); Success Ave; Connolly2265@sbcglobal.net
Cindy (Connors) Kane (CT); St. Charles (56), Harding (60); Stillman St., Orchard St.; kane06611@hotmail.com  
Billy Conway (Canada); McKinley, Blessed Sac, St Charles(63), Christ the King(67); Stratford Ave, Smith, Union, Hallett, Ogden, East Main St; wconway@rogers.com  Bill: Then
Jimmy 'Elvis' Conway (CA);  Blessed Sac, St Charles(64), Christ the King(66), Notre Dame(67), Bassick(68); Stratford Ave, Smith, Union, Hallett, Ogden, East Main St; invalid e-mail address Jimmy: Then and Now
Nancy (Corba) Eickmeyer (CT); Lincoln (58), Harding (62); Bunnell St, Carroll Ave; eeickmeyer@snet.net
Lucille 'Lou' (Cordone) Del Monaco (CT); Beardsley, St. John's Nep; Kossuth St; lucia45@aol.com Lucille: Then
Margaret (Corner) Drew (CT); Harding (63); Sixth St; invalid e-mail address
John 'Jack' Corris (CT); Hooker (57), Bullard Havens (61); Evers Ct; jtennis20@aol.com
Gayle (Costanzo) VanPelt (CT); McKinley (61), Harding (65); Cowles St, Pearl Harbor St, Dover St; gayle_van_pelt@comcast.net 
George Costa (GA); Edison, Hall, Harding (63); Success Ave, Huntington Tpke;  gcosta2@windstream.net
Sharon Costanzo (TX); St. Charles (61), Harding (65); Brooks St; dkknight17@aol.com
George 'Greek' Costeines (CT); Edison (58), Hall (60), Harding (64); Success Park Bldg 25, and 56; postofficedispute@yahoo.com George and wife Pat Now
Paul Costello (CA); St. Mary's (58), Notre Dame (58-59), Harding (62); Jefferson St; navy4469@aol.com
Gonzalo 'Nuno' Cotto (CT); Franklin (63); Cedar St, East Main St; nuno1946@optonline.net
Patricia (Cowan) Sastrum (CT); St. Charles (58), Harding (62); Maple St; nanaslimo@yahoo.com
Robert 'Bob' Coyne (TN); St. Charles (49), Fairfield Prep (53); Brooks St; invalid email address
Susan (Coyne) Hovasse (MA); Newfield (58), Central (65); Newfield & DeForest Aves; pandp8@verizon.net
Thomas Craig (CT); Summerfield (54), Fairfield Prep (to 56); Central Ave; tcraig@snet.net
Donna (Crisante) Verrilli (CT); Waltersville; Yellow Mill Village; vdonna@optonline.com
Rosanne Cronin (DE); Hooker (56), Harding, Central; Priscilla St; invalid e-mail address
Claudette "Cissy" (Croom) Delpino (NC), Waltersville (58), Harding; Father Panik Village; Pastrcissy@bellsouth.net Claudette: Then and Now
Bernard J. Crowley (RI); Blessed Sacrament (58), Notre Dame (to 60), Harding (62); Central Ave; nygiants5@cox.net
William 'Bill' Cryoskie (CT); St. Charles (57), Harding (62); Park St, Berkshire Ave; bcry43@aol.com
Diana (Cummings) Loch (?); St. Ambrose (58), Bullard Havens (62); Success Park; jets-supper69@hotmail.com
Mel Cunningham (CT); St. Charles (56), Harding (60); Bradley St; MargMel@aol.com
Nancy (Cunningham) Scerbo (CT); St. Charles (59), Notre Dame (63); Bradley St, Silver Lane; billnansce@cs.com
Ruben Curnow (FL); Harding (to 63), Kolbe (67); William St, Huntington Rd., Brooks St; rclibra2002@yahoo.com
Jacqueline 'Jackie' (Cyr) McCarthy (CT); Summerfield (55), St. John Nepomucene (57) Harding; Pearl Harbor,N. Bishop Ave,Evers St; jackiedmccarthy@yahoo.com
Carol (Dalton) Barius (CT); St. Ambrose (61), Notre Dame (65); Ridgefield Ave; cbarius@snet.net
Joseph "Joe" D'Amicol (CT); Nichols (56), Harding (60); East Main St.; invalid e-mail address
Ronald 'Ron' D'Andrea (TX); McKinley (54), Harding (58); Read St; mtnhighron@hotmail.com
Libera 'Libby' (Dattolo) D'Amico (CT); Waltersville, Franklin; Yellow Mill Village, Noble Ave; libby510@aol.com
Rose (Dattolo) Anderson (CT); Waltersville, Franklin; Yellow Mill Village, Noble Ave; roseandjohnfern@aol.com
Felix Davila (CT); Harding (various times 60-63); Central, Maple, Caroline, White; dcat191@comcast.net
Dorothy (Davis) LeDuc (FL); Hall (until '59); Pixlee Place; ltrsunltd@aol.com
Kim Davies (CT); Harding (66), Barclay St; kdavies@charter.net
Ron Davis (?); Harding (59), Beardsley St; ron.davis88@yahoo.com
John Dawson (IL); Lincoln  (62), Harding (66); Webster Ave;  invalid email address
Richard 'Rick' Dawid (CT); St. Ambrose (56-58), Notre Dame (63); Success Park, Granfield Ave; rdawid@aol.com Rick: Then and 1986
Fred Dayo (CT); McKinley (58), Harding (62); Carroll Ave, Orange Ave; zrdayo@bpthosp.org
Victoria 'Vicki' (DeAndrea) Hartz (CT); McKinley (56), Harding (60); Holister Ave; secretsbyvic@optonline.net
Thomas DeBernardo (CT); Waltersville (53), Sts Cyril & Methodius (58); Yellow Mill Village; sharondb@gmail.com
Joe DeCarlo (CT); Barnum (59), Harding; William St; invalid e-mail address
Louis DeCilio (CT); Blessed Sacrament, Lincoln; Union Ave; gaildecilio@yahoo.com
Wilson 'Hopps' Della Vecchia (CT); Waltersville (52), Harding (56); Nichols St, Yellow Mill, Cedar St, William St; wdellave@optonline.net 
Lois Ann (DeLorme) Larson (CA); McKinley (61), Harding (to 63), Bunnell (65); Carroll Ave; lois.larson@sbcglobal.net
Daniel DeMarco (CT); Garfield (41), Beardsley (43), Harding (47); Stillman St, Alpine St, Ohio Ave;  
Carl Demotses (IL); Hooker (63); Roger Williams Rd; carldemotses@yahoo.com
Carolyn 'Foxy' (Dempsey) Moran (CT); Hall (59), Harding (63); Pixlee St, Noble Ave, Park St; cmoran44@optonline.net
Mary Ann (Demyan) Studioso (WA); St. Charles (62), St. Josephs (64), Harding (67);  invalid email address
Dorothy Dennis (CT); Waltersville (57), Harding (61); Father Panik Village; invalid e-mail address
William 'Billy' Dennis (CT); Blessed Sacrament (63); Cowles St; wm.helen.dennis@sbcglobal.net
David 'Dave' DePietro (NY); Edison (58), Hall (60), Harding (64); Success Park; davedep@mac.com
Marie (DerHogopian) Saputo (CT); St. Augustine's (58), Central (62); Richardson St; Mars062@aol.com
John 'Doc' DeSousa (CT); Franklin (60), Bullard Havens (to 62); East Main St; jonny1946@aol.com
Paul 'Butch' Desroche (FL); Garfield (59), Harding (63); Ogden St ; paul.fafalko@yahoo.com
Joseph 'Fuzzy' Detuzzi (CT); Barnum (54), Bullard Havens; Stillman,Barnum,Kossuth,Knowlton; pamd2z@sbcglobal.net
Joseph 'Joe' Deutsch (CA); Edison, Hall, Harding (63); Hale Terrace; ANTHONYJEWELRYCO@aol.com
Lucretia 'Lu' (Dewey) Tanner (MD); Edison, Hall, Harding (58); Success Park Village; lutanner3@gmail.com
Judy (Dickerson) Faye (CT); Blessed Sacrament (58), Harding (62); Newfield Ave, Kossuth St.; judith_faye@yahoo.com
Sharon Dickerson (VT); Blessed Sacrament (to 58), St. Charles (62), Harding (66); Newfield Ave, Kossuth St, Beardsley Ter, Edna Ave; ssdickerson@comcast.net
Gary Diamond (CT); Franklin (56), Harding (60); Nichols St; diamondsatellite@snet.net
Elaine (DiLorenzo) Dillon (CT); Harding (60);  elainedlln@sbcglobal.net
Diane DiMaio (NC); Edison, Hall (63), Harding (67); Success Park ; NCPineapls@aol.com
Louie DiMartino (CT); Franklin, Watersville (54), Harding (58); East Main St, Yellow Mill Village, Hamilton St, French St; pdimar2267@aol.com  
Michael 'Mike' Dina (FL); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (55), Harding (59); Ogden St; mdbics@bellsouth.net Mike: Then and Now
Steve Dina (FL); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (59), Harding (63); Ogden St; dsfd9696@bellsouth.net
Mary Ann 'Dee'  (Di Nuzzo) Grygorcewicz (CT); St. Charles (55), Harding (59); Ogden St; maryanngryg@gmail.com
Kathryn 'Kathy' (Dizenzo) D'Agostino (CT); Beardsley (58), Harding (61); Magnolia St; kdagostino02@snet.net
Kathleen 'Kathy' (Dobbs) Grindrod (CT); Hooker (to '55), Central (65); Priscilla St; memagr@att.net
Bob Dobson (CT); Edison, Hall (54), Harding (59); Gary St; rwd06066@aol.com
Janice Dobson (CT); Edison, Hall (58), Harding (62); Gary Street; dobson45@optonline.net
William 'Bill' Dobson (VA); Harding (64); Boston Ave.; b3ddobson@aol.com  
William 'Bill' Dolyak (CT); Franklin (53), Stratford (58); Booth St; wdolyak@aol.com
Judith 'Judy' (Donlan) Decker (CT); Blessed Sacrament (to 55), St. Ambrose (59); Pearl Harbor St, Spring St, Ashley St; hollywood2744@yahoo.com
Barbara Dolyak (CT); Garfield (59); Boston Ave.; barbdolyak@aol.com  
Margaret 'Peggy' (Donato) Kelly (FL); Hooker (58), Harding (62); Priscilla St.; meggiek6290@comcast.net  
Jacqueline 'Jackie' (Doran) Kofoed-Maglione (CT); Thomas Hooker  (62); Roger Williams Rd; jkof-maglione@sbcglobal.net
Richard 'Rick' Doran (CT); Thomas Hooker  (58); Roger Williams Rd; rickdor@aol.com
Anthony 'Tony' Doyle (FL); St. Charles (62), Notre Dame (66); Noble Ave, Boston Ave, Shelton St; invalid email address
Dennis Doyle (FL); St. Charles (63), Notre Dame (67); Noble Ave, Boston Ave, Edna Ave; dwdoyle901@aol.com
Patricia 'Pat' (Doyle) Lungi (CT); St. Charles (55), Harding (59); Noble Ave; grandmagunner@sbcglobal.net 
John Drapp (CT); Summerfield (63), Harding (67); Seaview Ave, Success Ave.  JohnCDrappJr@gmail.com
Maureen (Drapp) Laustsen (WI); Waltersville (57), Harding (61); Hamilton St; Maureen_Laustsen@hotmail.com
Linda (Drew) Bloomingdale (MA); Barnum  (60); Noble Ave.; invalid email address  
Sharon (Drew) Alves (FL); Barnum (62), Harding (65), Bassick (66); Noble Ave; invalid e-mail address
Donna (Drozdowski) Schwarz (FL); Lincoln (63),Harding (67); Union, Berkshire, Barnum Ave; donnamaries151@yahoo.com
Stephen Drucker (NV); Washington Elementary; Pembroke St; sdpdathome@yahoo.com
Joyce (DuBack) Piccirillo (CT); Waltersville, Harding (62); Edna Ave; joyce16450@aol.com
Mary Lou (Dubinsky) Thrush (NC); St. Cyril's (63); St. Cyril's Commercial High (65); Shelton St; mlthrush331@gmail.com
Charles Duch (FL); St. John Nep (58), Notre Dame (62); Edna Ave; cjduch@aol.com Charles: Then
Dawne (Duckworth) Sosa (NH); Harding (64); Noble Ave; thesosas@msn.com
Anna May (Duhaime) Place (CT); Blessed Sacrament (60), Harding (to 62); Carroll Ave; midget713@att.net
Margaret 'Peggy' (DuHaime) Obuchowski (VA); Beardsley (54), Harding (58); Huntington Rd, Kossuth St, Bell St, Orchard St; invalid e-mail address
David Dunn (CT); Blessed Sacrament (61), Harding (61-63), Bunnell (65); Stratford Ave; ddunnconsulting@gmail.com
Tom Dunn (CA); Blessed Sacrament (57), Notre Dame (61); Stratford Ave; tomjdunn@att.net
Bernie Durkan (NE); St. Charles (54), Fairfield Prep (58); Priscilla Circle; bernardjdurkan@cox.net
Susan (Eannotti) Trabka (CT); Garfield (65), Harding (69); Helen St; strabka@yahoo.com
Dorothy 'Dottie' (Eastman) Isaacs (MD); St. Ambrose (57), Harding (61); Bell St; lovjd2@aol.com
Wes Eastman (NC); Summerfield (55), Fairfield Prep (59); Bell St; weastman@comporium.net
Jacqueline 'Jackie' (Eaton) Clemons (NY); Waltersville (61), Harding (65); Father Panik Village; jacqueline.e.clemons@gmail.com
Jack Eggers (CT); St. Ambrose (60), Notre Dame (64); Remington St; jackeggers928@att.net
Linda (Eichinger) Saunders (CT); Newfield, Lincoln, Harding (61); Trowell St; invalid e-mail address
James Ellis (MD); McKinley (54), Harding (58); Davenport St, Yellow Mill Village; invalid email address
Margaret 'Marge' (Ellison) Cunningham (CT); Blessed Sacrament, St. Charles (58), Notre Dame (62); Bunnell St; MargMel@aol.com  Marge: Then
Paul Emiro (FL); Beardsley, Kolbe (67); East Main St. Park St.; 68hemiss@tampabay.rr.com
Henrietta (Enama) Bartovic (CT); Waltersville (58), Bullard Havens (62): rbartovic1@aol.com
Robert 'Red' Engelhard (CT); St. Charles, Bullard Havens (61); Kossuth St, Spring St ; ARVJ@aol.com
Fred Epstein (MA); Harding (65); fredepstein@comcast.net
Maureen 'Mo' (Ericson) Parks (FL); Blessed Sacrament, McKinley (60), Harding (65);  Wilmot Ave.; mjp2147@yahoo.com
Shirley (Ericson) Dykes (FL); Blessed Sacrament (to 55), McKinley (58), Harding (62); Wilmot Ave; jcsd100@aol.com
Peter 'Pete' Ernsky (CT); Lincoln (57), Harding (62); Union Ave; peterjernsky@yahoo.com
Paul 'Rocky' Esposito (FL); Barnum (56), Harding (to 59); Brooks St; paulespo13@gmail.com
Leona (Fant) Brassell (CT); Blessed Sacrament (60), Harding (64); Stratford Ave; leonagrace@optonline.net
Gail (Farber) Hauser (CT); McKinley (61), Harding (65); Logan St.;  hausergail@hotmail.com  
Stewart 'Stu' Farber (CT); McKinley (59), Harding (63);  Logan St.; radproject@sbcglobal.net
Andy Fardy (CT); Hooker (57), Harding (61); Glen Place; ACF200@aol.com
Joe Farkas (CA); Edison, Hall, Harding (61); Success Park Bldg 15; jfarkas43@sbcglobal.net
Patricia 'Patty' (Farkas) Mucci (FL); Edison (56), Hall (58), Harding (62); Success Park; pmucci3@cfl.rr.com
John 'Jack' Farrell (CT); Newfield, Blessed Sacrament (55); Trowel St; fidem@mindspring.com
John 'Jack' Farrell (CT); Hooker, St. Charles (52), Fairfield Prep (56); Knoll Place; jackfarrell147@gmail.com
Joseph Farrell (MD); McKinley (60); Read St; josephfarrell46@yahoo.com
Patricia 'Patty' Farrell (PA); Blessed Sacrament, St. Patrick's Grammar (59); Trowel St.; peanutandlucky@yahoo.com
Richard Farrell (CT); St. Charles (59), Harding; Knoll Place; richtr6@optonline.net
Frances (Farino) Riccio (CT); Blessed Sacrament (57), Notre Dame (61); Edwin St.; friccioct@charter.net 
Dolores 'Dee' (Fargiano) Pivovar (CT); Waltersville (61), Harding (65); Gilmore St ;  deetpiv@aol.com
Mike Fast  (MD); Edison, St. Ambrose (56), Notre Dame, Harding (61); Success Ave., Bldg 14, Success Park; mfast35302@aol.com 
Michael Fattibene (CT); St. Charles (57), Harding (61);  East Main St.; achilles960@yahoo.com
Richard Fattibene (CT); St. Charles (60), Bullard Havens (60-62) Harding (64);  East Main St.; rfattibene@charter.net 
Ken Faustine (CT); Beardsley, Notre Dame (66); Texas Ave, Union Ave; kfaustine@att.net
Carol (Fava) Bixby (NC); St. Mary's (59), Harding (63); Howe St, East Main St, East Ave; carol_fred@windstream.net
Roger 'Doc' Fazzone (CT); Fairfield Prep (59); East Main St; docfazz1@aol.com
Bob Fearnley (CT); Waltersville (56), Harding (61); Father Panik Village; bobfearnley@yahoo.com 
John Fedak (CT); Garfield (56), Harding (60); Arctic St; franfedak@charter.net
Janet (Federowicz) Roberts (CT); St Michaels (56), Notre Dame (60); William St;  mvrjar@aol.com
Mary Louise 'Mary Lou' (Federowicz) Gross (CT); St Michaels (61), Notre Dame (65); William St;  mlgross@sbcglobal.net
Martha 'Marti' (Fedorchak) Laub (FL); Blessed Sac,St.Charles,SJC(56),Harding (58); Logan St, Colony St ; mjlflct@comcast.net
Angelo Fernandez (CT); Franklin (55), Harding (59); Cedar St, East Main St; angelofernandez@sbcglobal.net
Michael Ferrara (NJ); Waltersville (56), Harding (until 57); Father Panik Village; michael_ferrara_425@comcast.net
Jim 'Skip' Ferris (FL); McKinley (54), Harding (58); Connecticut Ave; Jferr2@yahoo.com
Ray Fetcho (FL); Beardsley (63), Harding (67); Asylum St, East Main St; ttinsfl@aol.com  
Russ 'Rusty' Fetcho (unknown); Barnum (67), Bullard Havens (71); East Main St; countryrunner@optonline.net  
Joseph 'Joe' Filakovsky (CT); Lincoln (63), Harding (67); Sixth St; joseph.filakovsky@case.edu Joe: Then and Now
Robert Filakovsky (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (56), Bullard Havens (60); Williston St; biteme.fily@gmail.com
Bob Findley (CT); Sts. Cyril&Methodius, Bullard Havens (64); Father Panik Village; majorfin@aol.com  Bob: Then
Ron Findley (VA); Bullard Havens (65); Father Panik Village; robaldsc@hotmail.com Ron: Then
Dave Finnegan (FL); Sts Cyrils & Methodius, St. Charles (62); Father Panik Village, Livingston Pl; chris125f@aol.com
Sheila Finnegan (CT); St. John the Baptist, St. Ambrose (60), Harding (64), Palisade Ave, Bishop Ave; smfinnegan3@yahoo.com
Mary (Flanagan) Kasper (CT); Waltersville (56), Harding (60); Yellow Mill/Father Panik, Remington St, Brooks St.; invalid e-mail address  
Chester 'Chet' Florczak (WV); St. Michael's (60), Bullard Havens (64); Success Park Village; teal1630@zoominternet.net
Anthony 'Tony' Florentino (CT); Blessed Sacrament (62), Bullard Havens (66); Davenport St; invalid email address
Thomas Flynn (MD); St. Charles (59), Notre Dame (63); East Main St; tomflynn@thomaspoint.com
Allen 'Al' Foiw (CT); McKinley (to 58), Blessed Sacrament (59); Bishop Ave; ajfoiw@yahoo.com
Beverly (Foiw) Addenbrooke (CT); McKinley (57), Harding (61); Bishop Ave, Davenport St, Willow St, Noble Ave.  Beverly: Then
Arleen Forbes (CA); St Michael's (62) ; Ogden St; aforbes48@yahoo.com
Thomas Forgette (CT); Newfield Ave, Seaview Ave; tfrgtt@yahoo.com
Grace 'Gig' (Fornaciari) Keller (CT); Beardsley (58), Harding (62); Rose St; rkeller01@snet.net
Thomas Franko (NJ); St. John Nepomucene (61), Notre Dame (65); Locust St, Weber Ave; franko_thomas@yahoo.com
Judith 'Fred' (Frederick) Keogh (CT); St. Ambrose (57), Harding (61); Stillman St, Noble Ave, William St; captmorgansmom@comcast.net
Lawrence Frederick (CT); St Charles (56), Harding (60);  Shelton St, Maple St; jaf1979@yahoo.com 
Fred Fredette (CT); Garfield (52), Harding (56); Hallet, Pembroke, Shelton, East Main St, Carroll, Hewitt; invalid e-mail address
John 'Jack' French (KS); St. Charles, Blessed Sacrament (56), Notre Dame (60); Goddard Ave, Newfield Ave; guardrail68@gmail.com Jack: Then
Sue French (CT); Blessed Sacrament (59), Harding (63); Newfield Ave; recordhopgirl@gmail.com 
Elaine 'Cookie' Friedman (CT); Edison (53), Summerfield (56), Harding (60); Manila Place; elaine.friedman01@att.net
Theresa 'Terri' (Frymus) Moody (CT); St. Michaels (61), St. John Nepomucene (63), Notre Dame (65); Hallett St, William St, Edna Ave; terri.moody@raveis.com
Dorothy 'Dot' (Fuchs) Crocker (MA); St. John Nepomucene (62), Harding (66); Hallett,Brooks,Orchard,Bershire Ave; invalid e-mail address
Denise (Fugere) Ryan Young (FL); St Marys (58), Harding (through 61); Green St, YMV;  deniseyoung44@aol.com
Judith (Fulton) Whispell (FL); Hall, Central; East Ave;  jwhispell3@yahoo.com
Leona J. Fusco (CT); St. Michael's (56), Harding (to 57), Stratford (60); Father Panik Village; leeleetong@aol.com
Walter 'Walt' Gadsky (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius; Sage Ave; walt_gadsky@yahoo.com
Joseph Galatie (CT); St. Marys, Blessed Sacrament (63), Notre Dame (67); FPV, Pembroke St, Carroll Ave.
Ann (Gall) Nelson (CT); Summerfield (62); St. John Nepomucene (66); Huron St; RonniS1@aol.com
Cheryl (Gall) O'Connell (CT); Summerfield (60), Harding (64); Sheridan St; micandcat@att.net
Robert 'Bobby' Galla (CT); St. John's Nep (55), Bullard Havens (59); Bradley St; mrg53141@yahoo.com
Eugene Gallagher (CT); St. Charles (54), Harding (58); Pearl Harbor St; e.gallagher@sbcglobal.net
James 'Jimmy' Gallagher (FL); St. Ambrose (59), Notre Dame (63); Pearl Harbor St; invalid email address
Fred Gallant (CT); St. Charles (45), Harding (46, then NAVY); Stillman St, East Washington Ave; invalid e-mail address  
Emily (Garan) Jarusinsky (TX); Hall (60), Harding (64); Kent Ave, Weber Ave; jejarus@aol.com  
Frank Gargiulo (CT); Beardsley (55), Harding (59); Huntington Rd; fgargiulo1@optonline.net
Michael Garufi (OH); Beardsley (62), Notre Dame (to 64); Dean Place; mgarufi@windstream.net
Andy Gayda (CT); Bullard Havens; Pembroke St; lgayda@hotmail.com
John 'Jay' Gayda (CT); St. John's(58), Bullard Havens(61), Harding (63); Price St; jgayda@sbcglobal.net 
William Gaydos (PA); Beardsley (60), Harding (64); Ohio Ave;  gaydoswj@gmail.com 
Eric Geis (CO); Beardsley (60), Harding (64); Carver St; invalid e-mail address
Larry Geiste (CT); Hall (59), Harding (to 60), Bullard Havens (63); Harvey St; invalid e-mail address
Patricia (Gelazin) DePino (CT); Beardsley (59), Harding (63); Roosevelt St; pdepino@yahoo.com
Nancy (Gemignani) Lear (CA); Hooker (56), Harding (60); Dupont Place; rerenancy@jl13@hotmail.com
Robert Germain (LA); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (57), Notre Dame (61); East Ave; invalid email address
Aleksandra 'Sandy' (Geri) Cryoskie (CT); St. Ambrose (57), Harding (61); Success Park; alfredpinto@att.net
Gail (German) Fesh (LA); Sts. Cyril & Methodius Elem & Com H.S.; East Ave, Cornwall St; fesh@att.net
John 'Jack' Giaquinto (TX); Harding; Pembroke St; jackieboy7@excite.com
Edward Gibson (CT); Franklin Grammar School; Hough Ave, East Main St; conndiver@aol.com
John Gill (NH); St. Charles, Blessed Sacrament (59), Notre Dame (63); Knoll Place; yanque6@comcast.net
Gerald 'Jerry' Gluhanich (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (54), Bullard Havens (59); Father Panik Village, Hooker Rd; jerryfishbait@aol.com
Michael 'Mike' Gluhanich (MI); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (59), Fairfield Prep (63); Yellow Mill, Father Panik Vill, Hooker Rd; glueski@aol.com
Carolyn (Godbout) Gray (CT); St. Charles (54), Harding (58); Caroline St, Goddard Ave; carrod60@aol.com
Denise 'Dee' (Godbout) Worozilcak (CT); St. Charles (61), Notre Dame (65); Caroline St, Arctic, Brooks, Orchard; deew@snet.net
Gary Gombar (CT); Garfield (61), Harding (65); Pembroke St; GaryGombar@cox.net
Carmen 'Connie' Gonzalez (PA); Harding (62); Spruce St, Pearl Harbor St, Pembroke St; invalid e-mail address 
Albert Graham (CT); St. Charles (39), Harding (43); East Main St., Putnam St. at corner of Orchard St.; invalid e-mail address 
Ann 'Bitty' (Graham) Pellegrino (CT); Hall (60), Harding (64); Pembroke St, Willow St; bittypell@aol.com Bitty: Now
Patricia 'Patty' (Graham) Macchia (CT); Hall (56), Harding (60); Willow St; pgmacchia@aol.com
Christine 'Chris' (Grandfield) Ruas (CT); Newfield, Lincoln, Harding (65); Seaview Ave; cruas@sbcglobal.net
Alice (Grich) Koutrakos (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodious (55), St. Cyril Academy (57), Harding (59); Deacon St; alicegk929@yahoo.com
Andrea 'Bunny' (Grich) Ezzie (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius, Harding (57); Deacon St; invalid e-mail address
Richard 'Rich' Grich (ME); St Charles (58), Notre Dame (62); Orchard St; rgrielainedlln@sbcglobal.netich: Then
Alan 'Al' Grindrod (CT); Blessed Sacrament (58), Notre Dame (62); Wilmot Ave, Central Ave; memagr@att.net  Al: Then
Peter Grohol (GA); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (58), Harding (62); Seaview Ave, Deacon St;  blueshoes43@yahoo.com
Daniel Grosner (CT); Sts Cyril & Methodius (55), Fairfield Prep (59);  Elizabeth St, Prince St; dangrosner@aol.com
Richard 'Rich' Grosso (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (62), Christ the King (66); Boston Ave; richgrosso_14@yahoo.com
Ray Guard (CT); St. Ambrose (58), Harding (62); Success Park Building 37; Buddyt62@gmail.com
Judith (Habansky) Wulinsky (CT); Beardsley (62), Harding (66); Texas Ave; kngswd8@aol.com
Robert 'Bobby' Haden (SC); St. John Nepomucene (56), Bullard Havens (60); Father Panik Village; 06rdk@bellsouth.net Bob: Now
Sheila (Haffner) Nolting (CT); Blessed Sacrament (48), Harding (52); Stratford Ave, Orange St; invalid e-mail address 
Michael Hagan (CT); St, Marys (56), Harding (60); Yellow Mill Village; mfhagan@sbcglobal.net
Ruth (Hainsworth) Buynovsky (CT); Blessed Sacrament  (44), Harding (48); Webster Ave; c.buynovsky@snet.net
Donald Hakey (CT); Waltersville (50), Harding (54); Yellow Mill Village; donald722@webtv.net 
Connie 'Tiny' (Hailey) Geer (CT); Waltersville (62), Harding (66), Father Panik Village; invalid email address
Thomas 'Tom' Hailey (CA); Edison, Hall (61), Harding (65), Success Park Village; thomashailey26@yahoo.com
Patricia 'Patty' (Halitsky) Winzer (CT); St. John Nepomucene (58), Harding (62); Putnam St; patwinzer@snet.net
Raymond Hamilla (CT); St. Michael (60), Harding (64); Ogden St; rayolared@aol.com
Gail (Hamilton) Woods (CT); St Marys (57), Sts Cyril & Methodius Comm (59), Harding (61); Nichols St; windime@aol.com
Carolyn (Hammett) D'Andrea (FL); Hall (58), Harding (62); Barnum Ave; carolyndeandrea@comcast.net
Elizabeth 'Betty' (Hanson) Thompson (CA); McKinley (56), Harding (60); Stratford Ave; ehansonsmi@yahoo.com
James 'Jim' Hanson (VA); McKinley (53), Harding (57); Stratford Ave; jhansonecon@yahoo.com
Christine 'Kiki' (Haray) Olsen (CT); Beardsley (63), Harding (67); Roosevelt St, Spring St; Kikiscuchina@yahoo.com
Edward 'Ed' Hardy (CT); Newfield (51), Lincoln (54), Harding (58); Smith St; edh14@sbcglobal.net
John Hardy (NY); Newfield (58), Lincoln (61), Harding (65); Smith St; jrhardy02@yahoo.com
James 'Redbear' Hargett (NY); Harding (64); East Ave; Jim_Harget@yahoo.com
Dolores (Harmon) Gonzalez (NY); Newfield (48), Lincoln (50), Harding (54); Jefferson St; Invalid e-mail address 
James Harris (OH); St. Ambrose (63), Harding (to 64), Bullard Havens (67); Willow St, Summerfield Ave; jamhar48@earthlink.net
Carole (Harrison) Pitts (CT); Hall (61), Harding (65); Pixlee Pl.; cloudcroft10@hotmail.com
Ronald 'Butch' Hart (GA); Newfield, Waltersville (56), Harding, Central (61); YMV, Beardsley Lane; rhart57371@aol.com
Janet (Hatfield) Leger (CT); Harding (58); Logan St; invalid e-mail address
Gail (Hattersley) Frank (IL); Hooker (56), Harding (60), Huntington Tpke; gailhfrank@yahoo.com
Joan (Hay) Massey (CT); Edison, Summerfield, Harding (68); Pearl Harbor St; masseys8@aol.com
Pamela (Hayes) Buskey (CT); Franklin (60), Harding (64); Pembroke St; xlotool@aol.com
Rheta (Hayes) Clark (WA); Edison, Summerfield, Lincoln (60), Harding (64); Bond St, Stratford Ave; rclark1028@charter.net
Robert Hayes (MI); Harding (58); Bond St, Central Ave; invalid email address
Robert 'Bob' Haux (GA); McKinley, Notre Dame (73); Logan St; FatherRMFH@aol.com
Claire (Heffern) La Scola (CA); St. Cyril & Methodius (59), Harding (63); Park St, Father Panik Village, Judson Place; clairelascola@gmail.com
Mary Ellen (Hemingway) Crowley (CT); Summerfield; Judson Place
Ken Hendren (CT); McKinley (63); Wilmot Ave; kinnyh@hotmail.com
William 'Bill' Hendren (FL); McKinley (62), Bullard Havens (66); Wilmot Ave; tophat48@bellsouth.net
Patricia 'Pat' (Hermann) Leask (CT); Garfield, Harding (64);  Helen St; Pat618L@aol.com
Paul Hiltz (CT); Hooker (57), Bullard-Havens (61); Evers St; paulhiltz@yahoo.com
James 'Jim' Hodge (CT); Newfield (59), Lincoln (62), Bullard Havens (66); Adams St.; pm_james_hodge@hotmail.com
David 'Dave' Holcomb (WV); Blessed Sacrament (60), Notre Dame (64); dth1946@suddenlink.net
Janice 'Jan' (Holm) Keegan (CT); McKinley, Blessed Sacrament, Harding (66); Alanson Rd, Wilmot Ave, Carroll Ct; jankeegan@optonline.net
Richard 'Squirrel' Holodnak (AZ); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (55), Bullard Havens (to 58); Yellow Mill, Hallet St, Seaview Ave; carmar0043@cox.net
Yolanda 'Yo/Jolie' (Houdayer) Letzkus (FL); McKinley (62), Harding (66); Wilmont Ave, Central Ave; invalid e-mail address
Jane (Hoyle) Herman (NJ); Edison (to 55);Success Park Village; jane.herman7@verizon.net
Paul Hronjak (NC); Beardsley (55), Stratford (60); Central Ave, Asylum St; phronjak@myglnc.com 
Robert Hughes (CT); Harding (58); Shelton St, Brooks St; robert.hughes@sbcglobal.net
Deborah (Hunter) Todd (MA); Newfield (58), Lincoln (61), Harding (65); Jefferson St; vmitodd@aol.com
Beverly (Hunter) Tillman (IL); St. Ambrose (59), Harding (63); Success Park; bbtillman@gmail.com
Kathleen (Hunter) Holloway (CA); Edison (52), St.Ambrose (60), Harding (64); Success Park; invalid e-mail address
Joseph 'Sonny' Hvizdo (FL);Franklin,Barnum,Waltersville(54),BullardHavens(58); Cedar, Beach, East Main, Orchard  St; star40@cfl.rr.com
Linda (Hvizdo) Andrews (CT); Franklin, Waltersville, Sts. C&M, Bullard Havens; East Main St, Beach St, Orchard St; jandrews15@optimum.net
Loretta (Hvizdo) Mezzoni (CT); Franklin (58), Lauralton Hall (62); East Main St; ljmezzo1967@sbcglobal.net
Michael 'Mickey' Hydeck (PA); Edison, Hall; Boston Ave; mike193534@aol.com

Jim Iancale (FL); Waltersville (55), Harding (59); FPV, Bradley St, Remington St. jpiancale@embarqmail.com
Daniel 'Dan' Ianniello (CT); St. Charles (55), Fairfield Prep (59); Shelton St; danianelo@aol.com
Joe Iassogna (CT); Hooker (50), Beardsley (52), Harding (56); Connecticut Ave, Nutmeg Circle; josephbi@charter.net
Frank Jackson (CT); Bullard Havens; East Ave.
Paul 'Hockamo' Jackson (CT); Edison (58), Summerfield (60), Harding (64); Pearl Harbor Circle; vpe5728@optonline.net
Bonnie (Jakowski) Gluhanich (MI); St. Michael's (59), Notre Dame (63); Ashley St; bjglu@aol.com
Ruth Ann Janega (CT); Summerfield, St. Ambrose (59), Harding (63); Bell St; r.janega@sbcglobal.net
John 'Jack' Janik (CT); St. Ambrose (59), Bullard Havens (63); Success Park, Bond St; jjjanik@optonline.net
Judy (Jankura) Reeves (CT); Garfield (60), Harding (64); Pembroke St; ctjuey14@hotmail.com
Paul 'Paulie' Janosko (CT); Summerfield (59), Harding (63); Remington St, Bishop Ave; invalid e-mail address
Theresa (Jaronczyk) Yatsinko (NC); St. Michaels, Summerfield (58), Harding (62); Ogden St, Central Ave; jyatsinko@carolina.rr.com
Ted Jartos (GA); Barnum (54), Harding (58); Noble Ave;  theofilos58@yahoo.com
Alice (Jarusinsky) Martin (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (63), Harding (67); Weber Ave; ajmed49@aol.com
Jim Jarusinsky (CT); Harding (62); Weber Ave.; jarusinsky@optonline.net 
Joe Jarusinsky (TX); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (53), Fairfield Prep (57); Weber Ave; jejarus@aol.com
Lorraine (Jarusinsky) Conway (CT); Sts. Cyril and Methodius (55); Beach St; lortok@aol.com
Allen Jennings (CT); Franklin (57), Harding (61); Stratford Ave; familymemorials@aol.com
Seeley Jennings (CT); Franklin (61), Harding (to 64); Stratford Ave; seeleyjennings@aol.com
Benjamin 'Little Benny' Johnson (CT); Newfield, Lincoln (54), Harding (58); Beardsley St; bndljn@optonline.net
Lynn (Johnson) Veary (AZ); Hooker (60), Harding (64); Beverly Pl, Mapledale Pl, Hooker Rd; invalid email address
Kathleen (Johnston) Gomes (NC); St. Michaels (63), Harding (67); Intervale Rd; alg3336@atmc.net 
Evelyn 'Evy' (Jones) Peabody (FL); Edison, Hall, Harding (60); Success Park; evypeabody@aim.com
Edward 'Jay' Joseph (FL); Waltersville, St. Marys, Hooker, Harding (60); Yellow Mill Village, Glenbrook Rd; papacane_00@yahoo.com
Gerald 'Jerry' Jossick (CT); Hall, Harding (61); Pixlee Pl; powders1@aol.com
Ann (Jordan) Mucherino (FL); Garfield (58), Harding (62); Pembroke St, East Main St; invalid email address
Ray Joyce (FL); Sts. Cyril&Methodius (58), Harding (62); Palisade Ave; invalid e-mail address 
Marsha Ann (Kaddo) Dwyer (CT); Blessed Sacrament (57), Notre Dame (61); Union Ave.
Gus Kahramanidis (CT); McKinley (60), Harding (64); Wilmot Ave; gjcnk@yahoo.com
Sally (Kaimer) Bienkowski (WA); Hooker (56), Harding (60); Palisade Ave, Glenbrook Rd; sallybienkowski@yahoo.com
Delores 'Dee' (Kaklamanos) Delales (CT); Beardsley (58), Harding (61); Magnolia St; dolordel@aol.com
Anthony 'Tony' Kaledas (CT); Hall (63), Harding (67); Willow St; akaledas@snet.net
Richard Kalish (CT); Harding (57); Success Park; invalid e-mail address Rich: Then and  Now
Bob 'Coach' Kalman (CT); Lincoln (55), Harding (60); Bunnell St, Granfield Ave.
Michael Kamenitsky (CT); Summerfield (61), Harding (65); Sheridan St.;  kamenitsky@aol.com  
Raymond Kaminski (CT); St Michaels (60), Bullard Havens (to 62), Harding (64);  Maple St; ski3men3@hotmail.com
Georgette 'GiGi' Kandel (CT); Beardsley (57), Harding (to 59); Mencel Circle, Nob Hill; invalid email address
Laura Kandro (NJ); St. Michael's, Edison; Success Park; kandrolj@aol.com
Donna (Kaplanka) Rawson (CT); Lincoln (59), Harding (63); Stratford Ave, Success Park; gusportuondo@att.net
Thomas Karvosky (FL); St Ambrose (59), Notre Dame (63);  Grant St; t.karvosky@yahoo.com
Peter Kasinak (FL); Sts. Cyrils & Methodius (63), Harding (67); Bond St; peterkas@att.net
Joan (Kasper) Molnar (CT); Summerfield (54), Harding (58); Mill Hill Ave; pjmolnar@sbcglobal.net
Michael Kasper (CT); Edison, Summerfield, Harding (58); Pearl Harbor  St; MikeKasperRealtor@hotmail.com
Janet (Katuska) Julian (CT); Franklin (58), Harding (62); Waterview Ave; janetjulian65@yahoo.com
Arle mlow Mill Village; invalid email address d
Joanna (Keane) Mondae (FL); St. Charles (46-49); East Main St, Park St; joannapv@aol.com
James Kearney (NC); Newfield(59),Lincoln(63),BullardHavens(67);Newfield,Jefferson,Adams,PFV,Bunnell St; j.e.kearney@att.net
Arthur Keating (CT); Blessed Sacrament (54), Notre Dame-West Haven (58); Waterman St; a-keating@sbcglobal.net
Sally (Keating) Van Der Clock (CT); Blessed Sacrament (58); invalid e-mail address  Sally: Then
Thomas Keating (CT); Blessed Sacrament (until '57), Notre Dame (63); Waterman St; paula.keating@snet.net  Tom: Now
Constance 'Connie' (Keeton) Smith (MA); Hooker (58), Harding (62); Priscilla Circle;  sunshine2124@comcast.net
Armand 'Tom' Kelly III (CT); Blessed Sacrament (54), Fairfield Prep (58); Central Ave at Orange St.; atkelly@snet.net 
Charles Kelly III (CT); Blessed Sacrament (57), Harding (61); Baldwin St.;  ckellyiii@aol.com  
John C. Kelly (CT); Blessed Sacrament (55), Harding (59); Baldwin St;  johnckelly42@yahoo.com
John 'Jack' Kelly (FL); St Charles(58), Fairfield Prep(to 61), Harding(62); William St, Boston Ave, Hooker Rd; Tryinhard1@bellsouth.net  Jack: Now
Patricia (Kelly) Alfano (CT); St Marys (55), Sts Cyril & Methodius Comm (57); Yellow Mill Village, Elias St;  invalid email address
Robert 'Bob' Kelly (CT); St. Ambrose (63), Harding (67), Success Park; B692@aol.com
Bernadette 'Bernie' (Kernicky) Ganio (CT); Summerfield (57), Harding (61); Bond St; bkg43@sbcglobal.net
Bonnie (Kerr) Lesando (FL); Beardsley, Harding (60); Standish St; bonnielee729@aol.net
Laurie (Kerr) Gianatasio (FL); Beardsley (61), Harding (65); Standish St; laurieg1110@gmail.com
Rosemary (Killeen) Rioux (CT); Blessed Sacrament (61), Notre Dame (65); Union Ave, Hollister Ave; RoseanEd@sbcglobal.net
Nancy (Killoran) Whitmore; Lincoln (58), Bunnell (62); Central Ave; gnwhit@att.net
William 'Bill' Kinsman (CT); Edison, Hooker (62), Harding (66); Success Park, Jennings Ave; kins14@sbcglobal.net
Robert "Klem" Klembara (CT); Sts. Cyril&Methodius (56), Harding (60);  Holly St, Hough Ave; invalid e-mail address
Roger Klinger (CT); Barnum School (57), Harding (61); Artic St. and Noble Ave; invalid e-mail address
Joseph 'Joe' Knapik (CT); Edison (55), Hall (57), Harding (61); Bishop Ave, St. Mathias St; BobKnapik1@aol.com
Jim Knapp (FL); Blessed Sacrament, Lincoln; Carroll Ave, Stratford Ave; boats2youinc@yahoo.com
Ann Marie (Kobryn) Kidwell (CT); Edison,Summerfield,Beardsley(57),Harding(61); Pearl Harbor St, William St; amkidwell@yahoo.com
Bill Kochiss (CT); Edison (53), Hall (61), Harding (66); Success Village; invalid email address Bill: Then and Now
Charlotte (Kohler)Gallagher (NC); Waltersville (until 51), Harding (60); YMV, Jane St, Beach St, Success Park Village; ocgallagher@hotmail.com
Anthony Kojalowicz (CT); McKinley (41), Harding (45); Hewitt St; invalid e-mail address
Daniel 'Dan' Kokoruda (CT); St. John Nepomucene (60), Notre Dame (64); Pembroke St; invalid e-mail address
Alice (Kollar) Lampe (AR); Garfield (55), Harding (59); Pembroke St; alampe@peoplepc.com
Wayne Kollar (CA); Franklin (63), Harding (67); East Main St, Putnam St; kng1klr@aol.com
Morton 'Skippy' Kominer (now known as Richard Faun) (MD); Waltersville (50), Harding (54); Yellow Mill Village; richfaun@me.com
John Konecny (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (59); Willow St; konecny@snet.net
Nancy (Koperdak) Fredinburg (CA); Edison (56), Hall (58), Harding (62); Success Park, Central Ave; nfredinburg@yahoo.com
Sandra 'Sandy' (Kostuk) Banks (CT); Hooker (58), Harding (62); Knoll Pl; sandymbanks@gmail.com
Peter Koteas (AZ); Hooker (57), Harding (62); Pilgrim Rd; pkoteas@cox.net
Bob Kovach (CT); Garfield (61), Harding (65); Pembroke St, Harvey St; kovachrobert@sbcglobal.net
Arlene (Kovalsky) Tomer (CT); Garfield (56), Harding (60); Hallet St; invalid e-mail address
David Kovalsky (CT); St. John Nepomucine (60), Bunnell (64); Birdsey St.
Victor Kowalchick (CT); Hall (56), Harding (60); Pixlee Pl, Fairbanks St; vmkowalchick@snet.net
Raymond 'Butch' Kowalsky (CT); Sts Cyril & Methodius (60); Berkshire Ave, Shelton St; seeya-ray@att.net
Judyann (Krafick) Centopanti (CT); Barnum (60), Harding (to 63); Helen St, Kossuth St, Pembroke St; gramsseven1@iwon.com
Michael 'Mike' Kranyak (CT); Hall (until 52); Sage Ave; digger1854@sbcglobal.net 
Vincent Kravec (CT); St. John the Baptist (63), Kolbe (67); Artic St, Odgen St, Ohio Ave; vinjk@sbcglobal.net  
Virginia "Ginny" (Krushinski) Zapatka (CT); Blessed Sacrament (60), Harding (64); Central Ave;  mommyzfla@aol.com  
Larissa (Krutschkow) Lincoln (FL); Summerfield (60), Harding (64); Grant St.;  LariLincoln@aol.com  
Lorraine (Kubica) Fecteau (CT); Sts. Cyril&Methodius (62), Harding (66); Hallett St; LorraineFecteau@yahoo.com
Tom Kubicko (CA); Sts. Cyril&Methodius (56); Central Ave; tgkjak@sbcglobal.net
Sonya (Kudrikoff) DeBiase (CT); Beardsley (57), Harding (61); Livingston Pl; sonkdb@msn.com
Arthur 'Cool' Kuhl (CT); Summerfield (56), Harding (60); Mill Hill Ave; a.kuhl@snet.net
Frank Kullberg (CT); Hall (56), Harding (60); Price St, Canaan Village, Success Ave; rolacrow@sbcglobal.net
Patricia (Kullberg) Brothers (MA); Hall (59), Harding (63); Price St; patbrothers1@verizon.net
Carol (Kunak) Fabian (CT); St. John Nepomucene (63), Harding (67); Helen St, Park St; pinkflamingocf@earthlink.net
Stephen Kurimsky (CT); Lincoln (59), Harding (63); Connecticut Ave;  sjkurimsky@aol.com  
Eugene 'Gene' Kuruc (CT); SS. Cyril and Methodius Grammar (55); Yellow Mill Village; ekuruc@aol.com
Robert Kwet (CT); Bullard Havens; Helen St; rfkwet@charter.net
Margaret 'Marge' (Kwoka) Easley (KY); St. Charles (60), Harding (64); Silver Lane; easey21@netzero.com
Mike Kwoka  (FL); Blessed Sacrament, St. Charles (56), Harding (60); Central Ave;  hgf56789@aol.com  
Michele 'Mitch' (Labonte) Hubler (CT); Harding (64); Eagle St; MHubler1@aol.com
Gloria (LaCour) Lankowski (PA); Hooker (56), Beardsley (57), Harding (60); Knoll Pl, Williams St; gllankowski@aol.com
Julia (Larracuente) Cannata (CT); Franklin, Waltersville (59), Harding (63); Nicholls St;
Dennis Lattanzi (FL); Franklin, Hall, Harding (66); Stratford Ave, East Ave; dennislattanzi@bellsouth.net
Richard 'Dick' Lattanzi (AL); Franklin (57), Fairfield Prep (61); Stratford Ave, East Ave; rlattanzi@arrelenterprises.com
Ana (Laffitte) Helms (SC); Blessed Sacrament; Connecticut Ave.
Dolores 'Cookie' (Lampart) Dunn (VT); Hooker, Sts. Cyril & Methodius (55, and 57); Priscilla Ct, Coggswell St; dolores.dunn@gmail.com
William Lang (CA); St. John Nep (56), Notre Dame (60); Noble Ave; Camime1@aol.com
Johnny Langston (now: A. John Rashied) (GA); Harding (60); Seaview Ave; ajohnrashied@yahoo.com
MaryAnn 'LaPic' (LaPiccirella) Liquigli (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (58), Bullard Havens (62); Gilmore St; invalid e-mail address
Tom Laput (CT); Summerfield, Lincoln (56), Harding (60); Bell St, Deacon St; TL6276@yahoo.com
Roy 'Skip' Larson (CA); Hooker (61), Harding (65); Priscilla St; larsonrj@sbcglobal.net
Ted Larsen (CT); Harding (63); Helen, Park, Boston Ave; tlarsen1999@gmail.com
Richard Lasecki (CT); Beardsley, Harding (65); Park St; rlasecki@snet.net
Ray Laskowski (CT); St. Michaels (59), Harding (63);  Kossuth St, Maple St.; relaskowski@hotmail.com 
Thomas 'Doodles' Latham (CT); St. Marys (52), Harding (56); Yellow Mill Village, Connecticut Ave; twlatham75@yahoo.com
Richard 'Rick' Laviolette (CT); Blessed Sacrament (58); corner of Smith St and Central Ave; rick.laviolette@yahoo.com  Rick: Then
Patricia (Lazar) Walsh (CT); Garfield (60), Harding (64); Arctic St, Harvey St; walshpv@aol.com
Carol Lazzara (DE); Barnum (59), Harding (63); Shelton St; clazzara@earthlink.net
Margaret 'Maggie' (Lazzara) Boyes (TN); Barnum (62), Harding, Trumbull (66); Shelton St;  MABoyes@bellsouth.net  
Janis (Leach) Franco (CT); Hall (60), Harding (64); Boston Ave, East Ave; francojan@hotmail.com
Neil Leahey (NY); Blessed Sac (to 53), McKinley (55), Harding (58); Stratford Ave; nleahey@rochester.rr.com
Gail (Lesinsky) Ulatowski (MD); Waltersville, Sts. Cyril & Methodius (60), Harding (62); William St; Rusold@verizon.net
Richard Ledellaytner (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (57), Notre Dame (61); Seaview Ave, Pembroke St; RichLedell@comcast.net
Diane (Lemieux) Buda (CT); Blessed Sacrament (60), Harding (64); Union Ave; dianebuda@sbcglobal.net  Diane: Then
Pauline (Lemieux) Mudrick (CT); Blessed Sacrament (57), Harding (61); Union Ave; warren121@optonline.net
Suzanne (Lemieux) Ajder (CT); Blessed Sacrament (62), Harding (66); Union Ave; suzanneajder@yahoo.com
Gerald 'Jerry' Lepone (MA); St. Charles, Beardsley (55), Harding, Bullard Havens; Kossuth St; Lepone@aol.com  
Julia (Lesiak) Dorne (CT); St. Michael's (54), Harding (58); Park St, Noble Ave; cjdorne@yahoo.com
Edward Lesko (CT); Edison, Summerfield (41), Harding (45); Bond St, Mill Hill Ave; mimibiggs32@aol.com
Mary (Lester) Keeler (CT); Lincoln, McKinley (62), Harding (66); Connecticut Ave, Stratford Ave, Wilmot Ave; Nibblesox@aol.com
Ronald Levandowsky (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (63), Bullard Havens (67); Maple St, Shelton St; pejson517@yahoo.com
William 'Bill' Licamele (VA); St Charles (60), Fairfield Prep (64); Orchard St; licamele@cox.net
Cora J. Lindsey (FL); Franklin (55) Harding (59); Clarence St; invalid email address
Andy Lisko (CT); Sts Cyril & Methodius (63); West Ave. ajlisko@aol.com
Joseph Loch (?); St.Michaels (58), Bullard Havens (62); Pembroke St; jets-supper69@hotmail.com
Robert 'Bob' Loch (CT); St. Michaels (56), Bullard Havens (60); Pembroke St; rjwl1375@snet.net
Beverly (Lockshire) McQueen (TX); Newfield School, Lincoln School; Drew Place, Seaview Ave; bevmcqueen@yahoo.com
Donna (Longway) Longway-Lopez (FL); Barnum (56), Central (61); Arctic St; invalid e-mail address
Arnold Lopez-Cepero (TX); Blessed Sacrament (54), Fairfield Prep (58); Central Ave; a_lopezcepero@hotmail.com
Brian Lopez-Cepero (TN); Blessed Sac(to 52),St. Ambrose(to 57),Beardsley(58); Central Ave, Louisiana Ave; lopez_bd@mail.chattanooga.gov
Diana (Lorenzini) Supersano (CT); Blessed Sacrament (58), Notre Dame (62); dsupersano@att.net  Diana: Then
Lorraine "Rainie" (Loso) Halica (CT); Saint Ambrose (63), Harding (67); Seaview Ave, Velvet St; rainie49@gmail.com
Sandra (Lotty) Yanosy (FL); Harding (59); ayanosy@cfl.rr.com
Alan Luba (VA); Hooker (63), Harding (67); Alameda Place;  alanluba@verizon.net 
Bill Lucas (AZ); Bullard Havens (60); cspsgtlucas@hotmail.com
Cheryl (Lucas) Kalina (CT); Lincoln(61), Harding(65);Miles & Stratford Ave,Sixth St;  kkcheyennarose@aol.com Cheryl:  Then
Emma (Lucas) Sheridan (CT); Garfield (54), Harding (58); Orchard St; invalid e-mail address
Edward Luchansky (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (55), Fairfield Prep (59); Central Ave; bdrpilot@optonline.net
Loretta (Luckes) Williams (CT); Waltersville (til 57), Lincoln (62); Yellow Mill Village, Fifth St, Stratford Ave; lorettawilliams2004@yahoo.com
Richard 'Richie' Lungi (FL); Garfield, St. Johns, St Charles, Beardsley; Ogden St; rlungi@yahoo.com
Daniel Luparello (AZ); St. John Nep (55), Fairfield Prep (59); Pembroke St, Texas Ave; loopy6160@gmail.com
Gerard 'Lup' Lupulio (FL); Hall (62), Harding (66); Success Park; glupulio@gmail.com
Lorraine (Lupulio) DelMonico (CA); St. Ambrose (60), Bullard Havens; Success Park Court A; LLDDEL@aol.com Lorraine (with future husband Dennis at '61Harding Prom): Then and Now
Carole (Lusik) Magyar (NC); Thomas Hooker (56), Harding (60); DuPont Place;  invalid e-mail address  
Greg Lyddy (CT); St. Mary, Fairfield Prep (48); Ann St; gregory759@aol.com
Jack Lynch (CT); St. Charles (60), Notre Dame (64); East Main St; invalid e-mail address
Pam (Lynch) Banks (CT); Waltersville, Lincoln (62), Harding (66); FPV, Stratford Ave, Putnam St, Wilmont Ave; p.banks@att.net
James 'Jim' Lyons (CT); St. Michaels (57), Harding (62); Brooks St.; jlyons559@att.net
James Macauda (CT); Beardsley (63); Beardsley Park Terrace, Huntington Rd; Diamond3549@aol.com
Anthony 'Tony' Mach (PA); St. Michael's (58); Barnum Ave.;  fleetwoodmac7@hotmail.com  
John Macchia (NV); Hooker (56), Bullard Havens (60); Priscilla St; sparky52@cox.net
Charles Mack (CT); Summerfield (60), Harding (64); Father Panik Village, East Main St, Manila Pl, Emerald St; invalid email address
Katharine 'Kathie' (Macura) Delkos (CA); Summerfield (59), Harding (63); Sheridan St; kdelkos@peoplepc.com
Bernice 'Bunny' (Madar) Barba (AZ); Sts. Cyril&Methodius (52) and SS. C&M Commercial High (54);  Holly St; abarba1@cox.net
Joseph B. Madar (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius, Harding (63); Holly St; joemadar@hotmail.com 
Joseph Madar (CT); St. John Nepomucene (58), Bullard Havens (62); Jane St, Hallett St; jmadar488@aol.com
Veronica (Madar) Lucash (VA); St. John Nepomucene (54), Harding (58); Jane St; nplucash@comcast.net
Jim Maguire (CT); St. Ambrose (61), Notre Dame, Harding, University School (65); Bishop Ave; jimmaguire@jpmaguire.com
Luba (Makarenko) Pechenuk (CT); Summerfield (60), Harding (64); Seaview Ave; LPechenuk@comcast.net
Bennie Maldonado (CT); McKinley (63), Harding (67); Father Panik Village, Stratford Ave; Ben_Maldonado@msn.com
William 'Bill' Malone (LA); Blessed Sacrament (until '60); Revere Street; seawilliam@cox.net
Frank Mancini (CT); St. Michaels (57), Harding; Pembroke St; frankmanups@yahoo.com
Albert 'Al' Manduca (FL); Harding (65); Boston Ave; amanduca88@hotmail.com
Vincent Manjoney (CT); McKinley (62), Harding (66); Wilmont Ave, Allison Rd; snappar@aol.com
Angela (Mannino) Easter (CT); Blessed Sacrament(58),Notre Dame(62),Bullard Havens(64); Revere St,Pixley Pl,Pearl Harbor St; invalid e-mail address  Angela: Then
Tom Mannino (NY); Saint Ambrose (59), Notre Dame (63); Boston Ave; wd5t@yahoo.com
Paul Marchelli (CT); Saint Charles (55), Harding (59); Brooks St; pmarch1941@sbcglobal.net
Robert 'Chick' Marcinczyk (CT); Edison, Hall, Harding (68); Success Park; rmarcinczyk@sbcglobal.net
Reggie Marinaccio (GA); St Charles (61), Notre Dame (65); Ogden St; rmarin@ebcnet.org
Joseph 'Joe' Marino (CT); Beardsley (57), Harding (61); Park St; jfmjoe1@sbcglobal.net
Gordon Marshall (NC); Waltersville; Father Panik Village; gmarshall63049@hotmail.com
Benjamin 'Ben' Marszalek (WY); St Michaels (62), Harding (66); Barnum Ave, Elizabeth St; bjmarsz@bresnan.net
Joseph Martin (GA); Waltersville (58), Harding (to 61); Bishop Ave, Father Panik Village; martin494@clds.net
Frank Mason (?); Beardsley (63), Harding (67); Beecher St;  frankm717@yahoo.com
Mary Veronica (Mason) Kolesar (UT); Blessed Sacrament (56), Notre Dame (60); Adams St; mvk@cc.usu.edu
Stephen Massimino (CT); Barnum (59), Notre Dame (63); Hicks St; stephenm47@hotmail.com
Victoria Massimino (CT); Barnum (61), Notre Dame (65); Hicks St; codyboy1990@yahoo.com
Patricia 'Patty' (Mastrone) Vastola (CT); Hooker (60), Harding (64); Pilgrim Pl, Kensington Pl; pattyct2003@yahoo.com
Bette-Jean 'B.J.' (Mastroni) Perez (ME); Blessed Sacrament (57), Harding (57-60); Trowel St. iluvwords80@gmail.com  B.J.: Then and Now
Vicki (Mastroni) Caracciolo (CT); Blessed Sacrament (60), Bullard Havens (64); Trowel St.;  nnvcaracciolo@comcast.net Vicki: Now
Irene (Matusko) Kaiser (CT); Hooker (57), Harding (61); Priscilla St, Woodmere Rd; imkdun@aol.com
Joseph 'Joe' Mayernick (PA); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (60), Fairfield Prep (64); Bunnell St; jmay115@comcast.net
Ted McCormack (CT); McKinley (61), Harding (65); Read St; theomccormack@gmail.com
Mick McCarthy (CT); Garfield, St.Charles, East-Side Middle, Bullard Havens (77); Kossuth, Brooks, East Ave; brickmn808@aol.com
Colleen (McCue) Comunale (CT); Edison (57), Hall (59), Harding (63); Success Park; ccomun@aol.com
Robert McGann (FL); Franklin (to 52), McKinley (to 56), Lincoln (59); Pierpont St, Freeman St, Central Ave; turk73rd@aol.com
Shirley (McIntyre) Powell (ME); Summerfield (57), Harding (61); Judson Place, East Main St; spowell@megalink.net
Ernest Mebane (CT); Harding (63?); Wessels Ave; emebane01@snet.net 
Barbara(Mehai) Waite (CT); Garfield, St. John the Baptist (60), Harding (64); Putnam St, Goddard Ave; hammertown@aol.com  
Patricia 'Pat' (Melbourne) Loch (CT); Franklin (57), Notre Dame (61); Ann St; paml1025@snet.net
Henry 'Butchie' Melhouse (CT); Waltersville (60), Harding (64); Elizabeth St, East Main St, Sheridan St; barbarajean0805@yahoo.com
Frankie (Melvin) 'High Pockets' White (CT); Lincoln (59), Harding (63); Newfield Ave.; fsmdcc@aol.com
Robert 'Bob' Mencel (FL); Edison, Sts Cyril & Methodius (59), Notre Dame, Warren Harding (64); Kent Ave; rmencel@comcast.net
Richard 'Rich' Meresko (CT); St. Michael's (56), Harding (60); Kossuth St, Cedar St.; invalid e-mail address
Roger Meriano (CT); Franklin (62); East Main St, Steubben St; cttofl02@yahoo.com
Doris (Merly) Albanese (CT); Waltersville (58), Central (62); Gilmore St; daa45@snet.net
Ronald Metzger (CT); Blessed Sacrament (50-53), St. Patricks (58), Central (62); Logan St; invalid email address 
Garry Meyers (CT); Hall (44), Harding (48); Barnum Ave, Success Park; gmeyers1@earthlink.net 
Elaine (Miccinello) Tedesco (CT); Saint Charles (63); Priscilla St; invalid e-mail address
Viola 'Butch' (Michetsch) Powers (NC); Edison, Hall, Harding (63); Success Park; mickeysunshine@aol.com 
James Michlewski (CT); Edison, Hall, Harding (61); Pearl Harbor St, Bishop Ave, Barnum Ave; 9lives2live@cox.net
John 'Pupsie' Michols (CT); Summerfield (59), Bullard-Havens (63); Judson Place; michols@sbcglobal.net
Dorothy Mickolaychuk (CT); Garfield, St. John Nepomucine, Harding (64); Jane St; grandact@aol.com
Marcia (Mihalko) Leonetti (CT); Garfield, Harding (63); Arctic St.; auntmarcia152@aol.com
Doree (Miklos) Fitzgerald (ID); Harding (64); Pixlee Pl, Summerfield Ave, Mill Hill Ave; rdf1947@verizon.net
Linda (Miklos) Syler (OH); Hall (56), Harding (60); Kent Ave, Summerfield Ave, Mill Hill Ave;  invalid email address
Robert 'Bobby' Mikula (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (59), Fairfield Prep (to 60); Harding (64); Pembroke St, Stratford Ave.
Susan (Mikula) Whitehead (FL); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (61), Central (65); Pembroke St, Stratford Ave; sueprtstjhn@yahoo.com Susan: Then
Fred Miles (SC); Hall (60), Harding (64); Success Park D; milesfwm@yahoo.com
Daniel 'Ski' Milewski (CT); St. Michaels (60); Newfield Ave; rago112@aol.com
Joseph Miller (CT); Newfield (62), Lincoln (66), Harding (70); Jefferson St., Read St., DeForest Ave; invalid e-mail address 
Ron Miller (FL); Edison (53), Hall (55), Harding (60); Success Park; invalid email address
Louis Milo (CT); Edison (49), Summerfield (53), Harding (58); Boston Ave; invalid e-mail address
Peter Minaya (CT); Hooker, Beardsley (58), Harding (62); Priscilla St, William St, N. Summerfield Ave; mbppet@aol.com
Judith Ann (Miney) Spera (CT); St. Charles (59), Harding (63); Noble Ave, East Main St; tylerjac@sbcglobal.net
Patricia Ann 'Pat' (Mischik) Marcus (VA); St. Ambrose (60), Harding (64); Remington St; sonya50@aol.com
Robert 'Bobby' Moales (GA); Waltersville (54), Harding (58); Father Panik Village; robertmoales@att.net
Carl Mohrwinkel (MD); Harding (65); Kent Ave; invalid e-mail address
Gerald 'Jerrry' Molochko (VA); Beardsley (62), Harding (66); Livingston Pl; jmolochko1@hotmail.com
Martha 'Marty' (Monahan) Ismailoff (FL); Barnum, Harding (59); Jane St; warrenharding59@gmail.com
Jeannine (Monroe) Guern (SD); Edison (60), Summerfield (62), Harding; Pearl Harbor St.; invalid e-mail address
Katie (Moore) Tompkins (GA); Newfield, Lincoln (64), Harding (68); Seaview Ave; jc4ever316@aol.com
Paula Moragne (NY); Edison (62), Hall (64), Harding (68); Success Park Court D; PEMORAGNE@aol.com
Ruth (Moran) Krajnak (CT); Barnum (58), Harding (62); Ogden St; jkrajnak01@att.net
Judy (Moriber) Villa (CT); Harding (62); Wilmot Ave; jvilla1@cox.net
Ron Morrow (CT); McKinley (60), Harding (65); Bishop Ave; invalid email address
James F. Morton (CT); Waltersville (56), Harding (60); revlee111@aol.com
Rita (Moss) Weitzner (NJ); Edison (to 53); Success Park; ritasue14@comcast.net
Robert Moss (CT); Lincoln (62), Harding (66); Union Ave; invalid e-mail address
Susan (Moss) Tyler (CT); Lincoln (59), Harding (63); Sixth St, Union Ave; invalid e-mail address 
Jacqueline 'Jackie' (Muirhead) DeMasi (MA); Edison (54), Summerfield (57), Harding (61); Manila Pl; invalid email address
Dorothy 'Dottie' Mulford (CT); St Marys (58); Father Panik Village, Bradley St, Bunnell St; dmulford@bridgeportedu.net
Olga Muniz-Leiva (CT); Central High; East Main St., Beach St; MissyOIL@yahoo.com
Joyce (Murad) Mauro (CT); Sacred Heart, St. Charles Borromeo (63), St. Josephs (67); Marina Village, Helen St, Huntington Road; jhmauro@yahoo.com
Bob 'Murf the Surf' Murphy (CT); Blessed Sacrament (59), Bullard Havens (63); Bishop Ave; Murphthesurf44@me.com Bobby: Then
Sandy (Napoli) Corso (NC); Harding  (62); Berkshire Ave, North Ridgefield Ave; corsops2020@yahoo.com 
Gail (Nechols) Arsenault (FL); Harding (59); Union Ave; gaarsenault@tampabay.rr.com
Keith Nelsen (CT); Summerfield (61), Harding (65); Judson Place; knelsen@lindquistst.com
John Nettle (NV); Edison, Summerfield (55), Harding (59); Wessels Ave, Wake St, Smith St, Hamilton St, Brooks St; lazyjc@cascadeaccess.com John: Now and: Then
Sandi (Neugebauer) Pieger (CT); Blessed Sacrament (63), Notre Dame (67); Deacon St, Bunnell St;  auror111@aol.com
Mary Ellen (Newland) Tarasovich (GA); Hooker (63), Harding (67); Noble Ave, Evers St;  mary.e.newland@gmail.com
Marguerite 'Midge' (Nicolson) Walte (IL); Edison, Hall, Harding (66); Success Park. howlar66@att.net
Arthur Noel (CT); Barnum (60), Bullard Havens (64); William St.; arthurnoel@cox.net
Diane Noel (CT); Barnum (57), Harding (61); William St.; noeldi@sbcglobal.net
Diane (Nolan) Ryan (FL); Bullard Havens (65); Monroe St, Glenbrook Rd; Himmypurrs@aol.com
Kay (Nolan) Harris (CT); Waltersville (57), Harding (61); Father Panik Village, Hill St;  kthlnhrrs@yahoo.com
Andrea 'Andie' (Norkaitis) Olufson (MN); Garfield(60), Harding (64); Putnam St; aolufson@yahoo.com  
Frances 'Fran' (Norkaitis) Fedak (CT); Harding (61); Putnam St; franfedak@charter.net
Alexis 'Lexi' (Norko) Morrill (FL); St. Michael's (62), Harding (66); Bradley St.; alexismorrill@aol.com 
Joe Norko (CT); St. Michaels (61), Harding (65); Bradley St.; joeria2001@yahoo.com 
Jonathan Norris (FL); Newfield (61), Lincoln (64), Harding (68); Jefferson St;  jno2968326@yahoo.com
Peter Notchick (CA); St. Michaels (62), Harding (66); Barnum Ave;  peter.notchick@yahoo.com
John 'Jack' Novey (CT); Newfield (59), Lincoln (62), Harding (66); Eagle St.; jacknovey@yahoo.com
Alphonse 'Al' Obuchowski (VA); St. Michaels (58), Harding (62); Orchard St, Hickory St; alobuchowski@verizon.net
Carl Obuchowski (VA); St. Michaels (54), Harding (58); pegcarl61@aol.com
Regina (Obuchowski) Kinsman (CT); St. Michaels (62), Harding (66); Orchard St, Hickory St; boof911@sbcglobal.net
Frances 'Fran' (Ockovitch) Herbert (PA); Blessed Sacrament (until 56), St. Ambrose (59), Harding (until 60); Orange St, Success Ave; Rnfran7@aol.com
Gail (Olbrys) Marcello (CT); Blessed Sacrament (55), Harding (59); Union Ave, Kensington Pl; invalid e-mail address
Walt 'Wally' Olbrys (CT); Blessed Sacrament (59), Harding (63); Union Ave; waltolb@yahoo.com
Ed Oleksy (NJ); St. Ambrose (60), Notre Dame (64); North Ridgefield Ave; eoleksy@comcast.net
Charles Olsen (CT); Lincoln (63), Harding (67); Sixth St;  snoopycharles@att.net
Barbara (Olson) Roman (SC); Blessed Sacrament (59), Harding (63); Adams St.; beedabop@gmail.com   Barbara: Then and Now
Kathryn (Olson) Crowley (FL); Blessed Sacrament (58), Harding (62); Adams St.; mingaandpapa@gmail.com  Cathy: Then and Now
Henry Olszewski (CT); Hall (62), Harding (66); Willow St.; navair40@hotmail.com
Stephen Ondek (FL); Harding (61); Hooker Rd; invalid email address  
Richard Onuska (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (57), Harding (61); Denver Ave, Crescent Ave, Shelton St; onuska65@aol.com  
Richard Orlowski (WI); St. Michaels (61), Harding (65); William St; rickagram@hotmail.com
Jim Ormiston (CT); Edison (55); Pearl Harbor St; FMFJIM@aol.com
Andrea 'Andy' (Oros) Paddock (CT); Lincoln (until 1955); Williston St; andrea.paddock@gmail.com
Janice Orr (CT); St. Ambrose (58), Harding (62); Success Park; ojanice@comcast.net  
Carolyn (Orr) Benlock (CT); Edison, Hall (56), Harding (60); Success Park; mcbenlock@msn.com  
Adria (Ortiz) Link (CT); Barnum (58), Harding (62); William St; adria.link@comcast.net
Noberto 'Bert' Ortiz (CT); Barnum (58), Harding (62); Barnum Ave, Harriet St, Father Panik Village; be53@aol.com 
Frederick Pacific (CT); McKinley (55), Harding; Cowles St.;  
Carmella (Pagnozzi) Damato (CT); Garfield (58), Harding (62); Hallett St., Brooks St.;  invalid e-mail address
Patricia 'Patty' (Paige) Ulatowski (CT); Blessed Sacrament (60); South Ave; pulatowski@townofstratford.com
Joann (Pallock) Warner (CT); Franklin (59), Harding (63); Hough Ave, Pembroke St, Hewitt St;  jvwbww@gmail.com
Dennis Palmiero (CT); St John the Baptist (60), Bullard Havens (64); Shelton St; dpalmiero@pobox.com
Anthony 'Tony' Panko (CT); Edison (60), Summerfield (62), Bullard Havens (66); Price St, Palisade Ave, Standish St; aapanko@yahoo.com
Eugene Parisi (CT); Edison, Summerfield; Pearl Harbor St; gparisi@optonline.net
Harold 'Ted' Parisi (CT); Edison (53), Summerfield (56), Harding (60); Birdsey St; teddyomar@charter.net
Ernest Parker (CT); Newfield, Harding (57); Connecticut Ave; invalid e-mail address
William 'Button' Parker (IL); Waltersville (56), Harding (60); Father Panik Village, Fourth St, Bunnell St; Parks254@comcast.net
Mario 'Sonny' Parrelli (CT); St. Ambrose (61), Harding (65); Pearl Harbor St; parrelli@aol.com Sonny: Then and Now
Sharlene (Parsons/Regan) Spencer (CT); Newfield (56-57), Lincoln (58), Bassick (65); Clifford St; sspencer117@optonline.net
Sharon (Pasuth) Voris (CT); Harding (64); Stillman St, Bond St; twostep140@yahoo.com
Diane (Patane) Candelora (NV); McKinley (54), Harding (58); Cowles St.; invalid e-mail address
Lenny Patane (NV); McKinley (59), Harding High;  Cowles St; invalid e-mail address
Gerald 'Jerry' Patrick (CT); St. John Nep (53), Harding (57); Brooks St, Pixlee Pl, Boston Ave; gpatrick@snet.net
Mary (Patterson) Fiorini (CT); St. Marys (49 through 54); Yellow Mill Village; mema1961@charter.net
Jean (Paul) Forte (CA); Waltersville (56), Harding (to 57), Bullard Havens (to 58), Harding (61); Steuben St; forte2@pacbell.net Jean: Now
John Paulisin (FL); Blessed Sacrament (57), Bullard Havens; Stratford Ave; johnsonten10@aol.com
Stephen Pavlich (CT); McKinley (60), Harding (64); Alanson Rd; SPav357572@aol.com
Tony Pavlich (CT); McKinley (63), Harding (67); Alanson Rd; SPav357572@aol.com
Gary Peebles (CT); Lincoln (55); Connecticut Ave; grpeebles@yahoo.com
Bob Peel  (CT); Lincoln (51), Harding (55); Central Ave; bobepeel@yahoo.com
Francis 'Frani' (Pellegrino) Ruzbarsky (CT); Beardsley (61), Harding (65); Huntington Rd, Jennings Ave; ladybug613@sbcglobal.net
Dorothy (Peleponuk) Corris (FL); Waltersville (55), Barnum (57), Harding (61); Arctic St., Seaview Ave; jtennis20@comcast.net
Sophie (Peleponuk) Pacific (CT); Waltersville (53), Barnum (55), Harding (59); Arctic St.
Lewis Pennell (CT); Beardsley (50), Harding (54); Boston Ave; lwpennell@worldnet.att.net
Roger (formerly Pennoyer) Hagberg (CT); Waltersville (59), Harding (65); Father Panik Village;  Roger20307@sbcglobal.net 
Carlos 'Milton' Perez (FL); Harding (63); East Main St; invalid email address
Jose R. 'Ralph' Perez (PR); Waltersville (58), Harding (62); East Main, Deacon St; jrperez05@hotmail.com
William 'Willie' Perez (NC); Franklin (58), Harding (62); East Main St; inspwmperez2005@yahoo.com
Ted Peslak (CT); St Michaels (58), Harding (62); Granfield Ave; not receiving email
Mike Petrocelli (CT); Hall (58), Harding, Bullard Havens (to 61); Barnum Ave, Willow St; dapple@snet.net
Adele (Petrusaitis) Andrasko (FL); Edison, Summerfield, Garfield (57), Harding (61); Pearl Harbor St, Orchard St; fuzchick1820@comcast.net
John Phalen (CT); Blessed Sacrament (61), Harding; Deacon St; invalid e-mail address
Frank Philip (CT); St. Ambrose (60), Notre Dame (64); Bell St; barbfwp@sbcglobal.net  Frank: Then and Now
James Pickard (SC); Bullard Havens (66); Father Panik Village, Hallett St, Beach St, Pulaski St; james.picard@comcast.net
Lawrence 'Larry' Pierce (CT); Waltersville (60), Bullard Havens (64); Gilmore St; lawrence.pierce@snet.net
Anthony Pignataro (CT); McKinley (60), Bullard Havens (64); Read St; piggy06615@yahoo.com
Paul Pilosa (CT); Lincoln (62), Bullard Havens (66); Connecticut Ave; pilosa@sbcglobal.net
Julian Piper (FL); Edison (54), Beardsley (56), Harding (Freshman, 1957); Success Park, Hastings St.; invalid email address
Roy Pirhala (NY); St. Michael's (57), Harding (61); East Main St; RUSAFR@verizon.Net
Nicky 'Pie' Pisani (FL); Franklin (62), Harding, Bullard Havens; Sherman St; neekopiefla@yahoo.com
Arlene (Pistey) Pura (PA); Blessed Sacrament (58), Harding (62); Eagle St., Ogden St.; purateam@aol.com
Richard Pistey (NH); Blessed Sac (54), Harding (58); Eagle St; dpistey@comcast.net
Walter Pitt (CT); Harding (64); Adams Street; walt_p69@yahoo.com
Janet (Plain) Reilly (CT); St. Ambrose (59), Harding (63); Ogden Street Ext.; invalid e-mail address
James 'Jim' Plavcan (CT); St. John Nepomocene (57), Notre Dame (61); Orchard St; invalid e-mail address
Sandy (Plavnicky) Fedynak (NY); Beardsley (57), Harding (61); Ohio Ave; cartoonhands1@verizon.net Sandy (in her rock band years): Then
Joseph 'Joey' Pohorence (FL); McKinley (58), Harding (64); Wilmont Ave, Read St, Cowles St; Pohojoeys@aol.com
Tom Poland (CT); Summerfield, St. Ambrose; Ridgefield Ave. tompoland@hotmail.com
Stephen 'Steve' Polifka (CT); Edison (52), Summerfield (55), Bullard Havens (59); Wessels Ave, Success Park; sjpyardstick@aol.com
John 'Jack' Politch (SC); Waltersville (58), Bullard Havens (to 60); Father Panik Village; JackPolitch@aol.com
Leanora 'Lenore' (Pollack) Yelton (NM); Franklin, Harding (67); Cedar St, Pembroke St; lzyelton@msn.com
Susan (Popkin) Wilcox (MD); Beardsley (67), Central (67-69); Noble Ave; april.popkin@gmail.com
Jo-Ann (Popowski) Hershberger (VA); St. Michaels (56), Harding (60); Kossuth St, Maple St; golfnflowers@cox.net 
Willie Porter (CT); Harding; Pembroke St; 
Carlos Portuondo (CT); McKinley (60), Bullard Havens (64); Wilmot Ave;
Joan (Potsch) Autuori (CT); Edison, Summerfield (57), Harding (61); Bond St, Bell St., Remington St; invalid e-mail address
Frank Povondra (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (64), St. Joseph's (68); Fifth St; frank.povondra@snet.net
Carol (Powers) Curtis (CT); Waltersville (58), Harding (63); Father Panik Village, Willow St.; curt125@sbcglobal.net
Carol (Powers) Deutsch (CA); Hooker (60), Harding (64); Pilgrim Rd; birdcasa@aol.com
Dolores 'Dell' (Puchala) Gordon (CT); Hall (53), Harding (57); Willow St, Barnum Ave; delveechio@aol.com 
Patrick Puglia (CT); Garfield (49), Harding (53); Hallett St.; ppuglia@yahoo.com 
William 'Bill' Pundy (CT); Summerfield (53), Bullard Havens; Helen St, Pembroke St, Seaview Ave; rrbill10@aol.com
John Pura (PA); Garfield (56), Harding (60); Ogden St.; purateam@aol.com
Michielle (Puskas) Sullivan (FL); Blessed Sacrament, St. Mary's (58), Harding (62); Pembroke St; michielles@yahoo.com
Richard Puskas (GA); McKinley (60), Bullard Havens (64); Wilmot Ave; rkp3ga@aol.com
John 'Jack' Quinlan (CT); St. Ambrose (59), Notre Dame (63); North Ridgefield Ave; invalid e-mail address  
George Radovan (CT); St. John the Baptist (58), Harding (62); Meade St; invalid e-mail address
Elaine (Raschke) Basala (CT); Edison, Hall (58), Harding (62); Success Ave; Pinot70@aol.com
Ellen (Rauscher) Alfredo (AZ); Hooker (58), Harding (63); Evers St; ellen.alfredo@yahoo.com
Linda (Rauscher) May (KY); Hooker (56), Harding (60); Evers St; tedandlinda@insightbb.com
Dorothy 'Dottie' (Raynor) Connors (CT); Blessed Sacrament, St. Ambrose (58), Harding (62); Court A Success Ave;  dottie.connors@comcast.net
Eugene 'Tommy' Redmond (CT); Edison (58), Summerfield (60), Bullard Havens (64); Stratford Ave, Pearl Harbor Circle; invalid e-mail address 
Joseph 'Joey' Reeves (FL); Newfield (57), Lincoln (60), Harding (to 65); Seaview Ave; jcreeves4@hotmail.com Joe: Then and Now
Donna (Reh) Sharpe (CT); Blessed Sacrament (60); Stratford Ave; donnaxreh@yahoo.com
Jack Reh (CT); Blessed Sacrament (58), Notre Dame (62); Jefferson St, Stratford Ave; jackreh@aol.com Jack: Then
Jim Reilly (CT); Harding (62); Father Panik Village Bldg 12, East Ave.; invalid e-mail address
Anthony 'Junior' Retartha (CT); Garfield (55), Fairfield Prep (59); Hallet St, Maple St.; tonyretartha@att.net
Paul Reyes (AZ); St. Charles, Sts. Cyril & Methodius (53), Harding (57); Hallett St, Berkshire Ave; azpapa3@cox.net
Judy Reynolds (AZ); Waltersville (56), Central (60); Yellow Mill Village, Father Panik Village; jmr2642@yahoo.com
Alfredo Ribot (MA); Waltersville (60), Harding (64); Father Panik Village - Pembroke St; aribot@prohope.org Alfred: Then and   Now (with daughter)
John Ricci (CT); Garfield (until 1951), McKinley (57), Harding (until 1958); Hallett St,, Wilmot Ave; cimaprop@hotmail.com
Cecile (Riccio) Rodia (CT); St. John Nepomocene (60), Notre Dame (64); Spring St; ac23rodia@charter.net
Judy Riccio (PA); McKinley (60), Harding, Bassick (64); Davenport St; jbd7@comcast.net
Marie 'Tootsie' (Rich) Gier (CA); St. Marys, Bullard Havens; Nichols St, grandmagier@yahoo.com
Tom Rich (FL); St. Marys (55), Harding (59); Nichols St, Wilmont Ave; RichToNo@aol.com
Donald Rickel (ME); Blessed Sacrament (58), Central (63); Seaview Ave; retp3fe@comcast.net
Muriel Ridener (CT); Harding (60); Success Park, Palisades Ave.; rielstuff@yahoo.com   
Carmen 'Iris' (Rivera) Martin (FL); Harding (63); Stratford Ave; cimartin43@yahoo.com
Carmen 'Lucy' (Rivera) DeJesus (FL); Waltersville, Barnum, Harding (61); clucy42@embarqmail.com
Beverly 'Sissy' (Roach) Weston (CT); Waltersville (52), Harding (56); Yellow Mill Village, Stratford Ave; invalid email address 
Leonard 'Lenny' Roberto (CT); Barnum (59), Harding (63); East Ave.,  Jane St.;  lroberto@fairfield.edu  
Marie Roberto (CT); Blessed Sacrament (57); Davenport St; robertomv@sbcglobal.net
Alice (Robenseifer) Gill (CT); Summerfield (52), Harding (56); Judson Place; invalid e-mail address 
Elaine (Robenseifer) Adriani (CT); St. Ambrose (58), Harding (62); Judson Place; elaine@adriani.org
David Roberts (Thailand); Hooker (63), Harding (67); Lynne Place; daver_88001@yahoo.com
Alan 'Al' Robinson (FL); Jefferson, Beardsley, Garfield , Bullard Havens (65); Marina Village, Helen St, Pembroke St; alanrobinsonsr@aol.com 
Susan (Robinson) Stark (TX); Garfield (61); Bullard Havens (to 63); Helen St, Pembroke St; suejst@yahoo.com
Judy (Rockel) Reyes (AZ); Hooker (61), Harding (65); Glenbrook Rd; jir1126@cox.net
James Rockwell (CT); Lincoln (57), Harding (61); Stratford Ave, Freeman St; jrockwe@optonline.net
Jeffrey Rockwell (CT); Lincoln (60), Harding (64); Stratford Ave, Freeman St; tisjeff@yahoo.com
Timothy Rockwell (SC); Lincoln, McKinley (62), Harding (66);  Stratford Ave, Freeman St; tpaulrockwell@magikkarpets.com
Carl Rodia (CT); Edison, St. Ambrose, Bullard Havens (66); Boston Ave, Sage Ave; carlrodia@yahoo.com
Joseph 'Joe' Rodriguez (CT); Barnum (60), Fairfield Prep (64); Knowlton, East Main St; rodrjoe@aol.com
Carl Roehrich (CT); McKinley (61), Harding (65); Radel St; not receiving email
William 'Bill' Roesch (FL); Blessed Sacrament (56), Harding (60); Seaview Ave; BillRoesch@aol.com
Thomas Rogers (CT); St Ambrose (60), Harding (64); Dover St; invalid email address
James Rolfe (NV); St. Ambrose, Summerfield (62), Harding (66); Pearl Harbor St; jerolfe225@aol.com
Frank 'Fran' Roman (SC); Blessed Sacrament (58), Harding, Jonathan Law (62); Stratford Ave, Davenport St, Eagle St; franktheman13@gmail.com
Jim 'Moon' Rooney (CT); Blessed Sacrament (63); Bishop Ave, Stratford Ave; moonjaws6@hotmail.com Jim: Now
Sandra (Rosenberg) Shapiro Shmookler (MD); Beardsley; East Main St; invalid e-mail address
Joel Rosenblatt (NH); Beardsley (58), Harding (63); Spring St.; hifijr@aol.com
Aldona 'Dona' (Rossi) Onuska (CT); St John the Baptist, Barnum (to 52), John Winthrop (58); Park & Jane St; onuska65@aol.com
Mary Kate (Rourke) Franci (CA); Edison (to 52), St. Ambrose (to 56), Johnson (58), Notre Dame (62); Success Ave; invalid email address  Mary Kate: Then
Judy (Rubenstein) Tierney (CT); Edison, Summerfield (58), Harding (62); Pearl Harbor St.; invalid email address
Vincent Rubinsky (CT); Newfield (60), Lincoln (63); Bunnell St, Eagle St; vrubinsky@msn.com
John Rucker (CA); Edison (60), Summerfield (62), Harding (66); Wake St; invalid e-mail address John: Then and Now
Elsie 'Ellie' (Ruggerio) Gaetano (CT); McKinley,Zion Luth,Sts. Cyril&Methodius (58); Beardsley St, Alex St.; egaet@comcast.net  
Joan (Ruggerio) Pisacreta (CT); Blessed Sacrament (56); Alex St; invalid e-mail address
Marie (Ruggiero) Appleby (CT); Blessed Sacrament (58), Harding (62);  Beardsley St, Alex St.; mappleby@snet.net
Glenn Russell (VA); Hooker (62), Harding (66); Pilgrim Rd; russellguy1305@yahoo.com
Raymond Russin (KS); Beardsley (57), Harding (61); East Main St.; russinr@ymail.com
Bonnie (Ryan) Berasi (CT); Blessed Sacrament (62), Harding (66); East Main St, Orange St; bonray1@att.net
Dennis Ryan  (TX); McKinley (50), Harding (54); Brooks St, Stratford Ave; dheath3@att.net  
Gail (Ryan) Hedrick (CT); Blessed Sacrament (62), Harding (66); Orange St., Rose St.; invalid email address 
Jane-Nell Ryan (FL); Lincoln, Blessed Sacrament (63), Harding (67); YMV, FPV, Stratford Ave, Union Ave, Shelton St, Curtis Ave; janenell@aol.com
Rachele 'Rae' (Sacco) Spellman (FL); Harding (61); Clifford St, Central Ave; raespellman@yahoo.com  
Kathryn 'Kathy' (Sadler) Lasky (CT); Franklin (until 1953--4th Grade); Waterview Ave; blockhead43@att.net   
James Salamon (CT); Edison, Bullard Havens (60); Grandfield Ave; sirslots@optonline.net  
Carl Salerno (CT); Harding (61); Connecticut Ave; Carlobuti@Comcast.net
Russell 'Russ' Salerno (FL); McKinley (57), Harding (to 57); Bishop Ave; rsalerno1@cfl.rr.com Russ (with wife Mazie): Now
Leonard Samatulski (CT); Harding (62); Summerfield Ave; lensam44@sbcglobal.net
Jim Sanderson (CT); St. Charles (62), Harding (66); Brooks St, Maple St; brzman@att.net
Diana (Sausaman) Lytle (NH); Blessed Sacrament (59); Stratford Ave.;  dianalsl@comcast.net
Joan (Sautter) Ventrilio (CT); Beardsley (63), Harding (67); Sprint,Dover,Putnam St; invalid email address
Wilsene 'Bunny' Schiappa (VT); Barnum (54); William St; wgrout@together.net
Gail (Schiappacasse) Craig (CT); Glenbrook Rd, Greystone Rd; St. Charles (58), Notre Dame (to 60), Central (62); gg.craig@comcast.net
William 'Bill' Schiller (CT); Barnum (57); Kossuth St; BillSchiller@snet.net
Barbara (Schmitt) Ross (CT); Edison (54), Hall (56), Harding (60); Bldg 36, Success Park; brbraross@aol.com
Harold Schmitt (FL); Edison (53), Hall (55), Harding (59); Success Village; dondondon3@aol.com
Carolyn (Schultz) Gluhanich (CT); Harding (60); Hadley St;  caglue@aol.com
Ruth (Scinto) Giannettino (CT); St. Mary's (57), Bullard Havens (61); Pembroke St.
Barbara (Scioscia) Reed (CT); Barnum (62); Kossuth St, East Main St; HITEACH@aol.com
George Schneider (MD); Lincoln (60), Harding; Fifth St; george.schneider4@verizon.net
Ann (Schwartz) James (FL); Thomas Hooker (60), Harding (64); Nutmeg Circle; jamesamsj@aol.com
David Schwarz (FL); Lincoln (61), Harding (65); Sixth St., Holly St.; ds11047@yahoo.com
Shirley (Scinto) Yarbrough (TX); Hooker/Beardsley (57),Harding (61);Magnolia St,Huntington Tpke,Holland Rd; invalid email address  
Charlie Scott (AZ); Summerfield (59), Harding (64); Howe St, Remington St;  csdadsw@gmail.com
Cheryl (Seaborne) Guard (CT); Hooker (61), Harding (65); Priscilla Circle; invalid email address
Dianne (Sekerak) Goode (CT); St. John Nepomucene (60), Notre Dame (64); Waverly Place; diannegoode@sbcglobal.net
Marjorie 'Marge' (Seltenreich) Bucci (CT); Blessed Sacrament (52), Harding (56); Blackstone St.; invalid e-mail address
Maggie (Selvaggi) Miller (CT); Harding (65); Bradly St., Livingston Place; millermaggie@hotmail.com 
Carole (Semon) Waterbury (CT); Garfield (56), Harding (60); Stillman St; invalid email address 
Yolanda 'Yolly' Serrano (CT); East Side Middle (80), Harding (85); invalid e-mail address 
Mary Lou (Serritella) Sewell (CT); Blessed Sacrament (58); Hollister Ave; mlsewl@yahoo.com
James 'Jim' Severnak (GA); Hall (59), Harding (63); East Ave; jsevernak@bellsouth.net 
Joseph Sewack (CT); St. John the Baptist (61), Bullard Havens (65); Clarence St, Pembroke St; JSewack@aol.com
Beverly (Seymour) Kondor (CT); Blessed Sacrament (59), Notre Dame (63); Union Ave, Drew Place;  bevkondor@yahoo.com
Henry 'Hank' Seymour (FL); Blessed Sacrament (56); Union Ave, Drew Place; invalid e-mail address
Paul Shandrowski (MA); Sts Cyril and Methodius (64); East Main St; pharamn@comcast.net
Paul Shaver (VA); Sts. Cyril and Methodius (55), Fairfield Prep (59); Yellow Mill Village; pshaver@cox.net
Robert 'Bob' Sherbo (CT); Franklin (62); Nichols St; invalid email address
Fred 'Smokey/Buddy' Sheridan (CT); Waltersville, McKinley(56), Bullard-Havens (60); Stuben St, Read St; driver358@yahoo.com
Dick Shermer (TX); Hooker (60), Harding (64); East Pasadena Place.; dshermer@rshermer.com
Mary (Sherrod) Upchurch (FL); Harding (62); DeKalb Ave; invalid e-mail address
Sandra (Sherwood) Peslak (CT); Edison(58),Summerfield(60),Harding(64); Boston Terrace; invalid e-mail address
Joan (Showah) Burns (CT); St. Ambrose (58), Harding (62); Velvet St.; joan_burns@hotmail.com
Karen Marie (Shuck) Clark (NC); St. Ambrose (62), Harding (66); Price St; invalid email address  
Norma (Shuck) Miller (IN); Edison (59), Hall (61), Bullard Havens (65); Success Park; nmiller700@aol.com
Frank Sikorski (GA); Sacred Heart (55), Harding (59); Asylum St; casitadr@aol.com
Natalie Jean (Simko) Maupin (OH); Summerfield (60), Harding (until 62); Mill Hill Ave; njmaupin@yahoo.com
Jerry Sinanian (CT); Summerfield (54), Harding (58); Mill Hill Ave; jsinanian@sbcglobal.net
James Sinnott (CT);  St. Ambrose (58), Harding (62); Palisade Ave, Remington St., Dover St., Ridgefield Ave; jsinnott@snet.net  
Marlene (Sisbarro) Turrini (CT); Franklin (57), Sts. Cyril&Methodius (60), Harding (62); Pembroke St, Hough Ave; a.turrini@snet.net
Richie Sisbarro (TX); Franklin; Pembroke St, Hough Ave; rasisbarro@austin.rr.com
Matthew 'Matt' Siwy (CT); McKinley (61), Notre Dame (65); Hollister Ave; mtsy17@sbcglobal.net
John 'Jack' Skinner (TN); Barnum (55), Harding (59); Maple St.; invalid e-mail address
Roman Skolozdra (CT); Summerfield (60), Harding (64); White St, Judson Place; rskolo@aol.com
Leon Skorzewski (CT); Edison (53), Summerfield (to 6th grade); Manilla Place, Success Park; lees2@hotmail.com
Joseph Skovira (CT); St. Charles, Harding (60); Shelton St, East Main St;  invalid email address
Carl Skudlarek (CT); St. Michael's (56), Harding (60); Success Park; cskudlarek@aol.com
Ed Skudlarek (CT); St. Michael School (54), Harding (to 57); Brooks St; keralduks@sbcglobal.net
Richard 'Dick' Skudlarek (CT); St. Michael School (58); Brooks St; skudlare@snet.net 
Fred Slatcher (OK); Edison, Summerfield (56), Harding (57-58), Masuk (60); Manila Pl, Pearl Harbor St; Freds74012@aol.com
Ruth (Slevinsky) Stephen (CT); Blessed Sacrament (60), Harding (64); Connecticut Ave;  ras2stephen@yahoo.com
Paul Slivanik (FL); St. Michaels (59); Harding (63); Remington St; PSlivanik@hotmail.com
Lawrence 'Larry' Smetana (MA); St. John Nep (57), Bullard-Havens(61); Pembroke St; lsmetana@pdcinc.com
Carol (Smith) Nigro Berger (CT); Blessed Sacrament (58), Stratford High; Union Ave; d_bird42@yahoo.com
Claudia (Smith) Wellington (CT); St. Ambrose (59); cmw47@sbcglobal.net
Donald Smith (CA); Blessed Sacrament (55), Harding (59); Stratford Ave (at Fifth St); invalid email address
Joan (Smith) Arnow (CT); Barnum (56), Harding (60); Kossuth St., Barnum Ave, Maple St; joaniea154@aol.com
Kathleen 'Kathy' (Smith) Polifka (CT); Hooker (61), Harding (65); Huntington Tpk; kathy-pol@hotmail.com
Paul Smith (FL); St. Ambrose (59), Harding (63); Success Park;  adamsi@bellsouth.net
Virginia 'Ginny' (Smith) Martin (CT); Hooker (59), Harding (63); Huntington Tpke; patandginny@sbcglobal.net
Margaret (Smriga) Zia (CT); Hooker  (57), Harding (61); Knoll Pl; mszia@comcast.net
Ron Snee (CT); Garfield (55), Bullard Havens (59); Putnam St, Pixlee Pl, Livingston Pl; rps1027@comcast.net
Vincent 'Vinnie' Sobral (ME); Franklin (54), Bullard Havens (58); Howe St, East Main St, Boston Ave; invalid e-mail address 
Madeline 'Madge' (Soda) Jasiczek (CA);  Newfield, Lincoln (58), Harding (62); Blackstone St; Jazzymadge@att.net
John 'Jack' Sopko (CT); Edison, St. Ambrose (57); Pearl Harbor St; jacksopko@hotmail.com
Patricia (Sorber) Rockel (CT); Barnum (62), Harding (66); Pembroke St, Kossuth St, Maple St, Noble Ave; invalid e-mail address
Joe "Joey/Lil' Joe" Southard (CT); McKinley (61), Roosevelt (62), Bullard Haven (66); Wilmot Ave; invalid e-mail address
Charles Speed (AZ); Edison, Barnum (57), Harding (57-59); Pearl Harbor St,Maple St,Center St,Central Ave; usmcgysgt2@cox.net
Mary Ellen (Speer) Kovacs (CT); Blessed Sacrament (51), Harding (55); Fourth St, Union Ave, Wilmot Ave; invalid email address
Patrick Speer (CT); Blessed Sacrament (63), Kolbe (68); Fourth St, Union Ave, Wilmot Ave, Carroll Ave; sheeaun@gmail.com Pat: Now
Michael Spinelli (NJ); Barnum (61), Bullard Havens (65); Brooks St; littlehorns@comcast.net
Don 'Spin' Spinelli (CA); Summerfield (56), Harding (60); Barnum Ave; don2gia@aol.com
Rich 'Spud' Spinelli (CA); Summerfield (55), Harding (59); Barnum Ave; rjsfac@cox.net
Marsha (Spodnick) Voccola (CT); St. Marys (63), St. John Nepomucene (66); Barnum Ave, Maple St, Harriet St; rockyvee@aol.com
Michael Stabile (CT); Blessed Sacrament (61), Harding (65); Hollister Ave; michaelstabile@sbcglobal.net
Anita (Stabler) Stabler-Hussey (CT); Waltersville (57), Harding (61); Father Panik Village; amstab44@aol.com
Howard 'Howie' Stern (CA); Beardsley (until 1951); NobleAve; n64hl@yahoo.com
Louis 'PeeWee' Stevens (IN); Lincoln, Harding (63); Clifford St, Sixth St; stvns_ls@yahoo.com   PeeWee: Then and Now
Peter Stevens (CT); Barnum, Garfield (60), Harding (64); Park St, Helen St; pbagpiper@aol.com Pete: Now
Albert 'Al' Stirk (CT); Beardsley (57); Richardson St; invalid email address
Marvin 'Motts' Stoogenke (NC); Waltersville (58), Harding (62); Father Panik Village; pttinc2000@yahoo.com
Bruce Stott (OH); St.Ambrose (62), Notre Dame (66); Success Park; bruce@stottequip.com
Carol (Stude) Jossick (FL); St. Ambrose (59), Harding (63); Success Park;  Nanacarolj@aol.com
Fred Suhy (CT); Summerfield (57), Harding (61); Ridgefield Ave; fas3249997@aol.com
Elizabeth 'Betty/Beth' (Sullivan) Myers(FL);Blessed Sac,St.Peters(65),Cathedral(69);Clifford St,Stratford Ave; ejmyers@hotmail.com Beth: Then
Jay Sullivan (CT); Blessed Sacrament (57), Bullard Havens (61); Clifford St, Stratford Ave. Jay: Then and in 1996
Jim Sullivan (NC); Blessed Sacrament (58), Notre Dame (58-59), Harding (62); Clifford St, Stratford Ave; sully1944@gmail.com Jim: Then and Now
Joe Sullivan (NJ); Blessed Sacrament (58), Harding (62); Clifford St, Stratford Ave; jesullivan@sbhcs.com Joe: Then and  Now
Judy (Sullivan) Poirier (CT); Blessed Sacrament (62), Bassick (66); Clifford St., Stratford Ave; judy.poirier@hotmail.com  Judy:   in 1966
Kathy  (Sullivan) Czajkowski (CT); Blessed Sacrament (60), Notre Dame (64); DeForest Ave., DeKalb Ave; Sullivan2712@aol.com 
Maureen (Sullivan) Pernal (CT); St. Charles (59), Notre Dame (63); Colony St;  m.pernal@comcast.net
Rosalie Ann (Sullivan) Joppru (FL); Blessed Sacrament (54), Harding (58); Clifford St, Stratford Ave; rajoppru@verizon.net  Roe: Then and in 1962; and Now
Suzanne (Sullivan) Angelakis (MD);Blessed Sac(57),Harding(61),Stratford Ave; srangelakis@hotmail.com Sue: Then and Now
Robert 'Bob' Super (CT); Waltersville (60), Harding; Pembroke St;  Iamsuper46@gmail.com
Phyllis (Sutula) Des Jardins (CT); Beardsley (59), Harding (63); Noble Ave; invalid email address
George Svajian (MA); Lincoln (54), Harding (59); Williston St; georgesvajian@hotmail.com
Richard Svirskas (FL); Lincoln (57); Bunnell St; rpsv@intergate.com
William Svirskas (PA); Lincoln (until 57); Bunnell St; billsvirskas@gmail.com
Elaine (Swanson) Michols (CT); McKinley (61), Harding (65); Stratford Ave, Brooks St;  elainemichols@snet.net
Bruce Syarto (FL); Lincoln (56), Harding (60); Stratford Ave; simbacatrollo@cfl.rr.com Bruce: Then and Now
Susan (Tabacheck) Cyr (PA); Harding (65); Bond St, Boston Ave; ccyr0069@aol.com
William 'Bill' Tallerdy (WY); Lincoln, Garfield (64); Hallet St, Connecticut Ave.; invalid e-mail address
Georgia (Tarasovich) Sparks (NY); McKinley (57), Harding (61); Read St; georgia.sparks@starrfoundation.org Georgia: Then and Now
Charles 'Chuck' Tarinelli (MT); St. Charles (56), Harding (61); Shelton St, Noble Ave; cjtarinelli@aol.com Chuck: Then and Now
Anthony 'Tony' Tavella (CT); Lincoln (57), Bullard Havens (61); Union Ave; anthonytavella@sbcglobal.net
Robert 'Big T' Taylor (TX); Lincoln (63), Harding (67); Fourth St; rt@realgreekapparel.com 
John 'Jack' Tecci (CT); Edison,St Ambrose,Summerfield,Harding(67); Grandfield Ave,Success Park,Manila St; jteccijr@att.net 
Anthony 'Tony' Tecci (CT); St. Ambrose (59), Bullard Havens, Harding (64); Success Park Court D; atecci@sbcglobal.net
Helen (Terentieff) Coe (NC); St. Michaels; Thompson St; coeht@aol.com
Julian Terlaga (CT); St. Michaels (46), Harding (50); Pearl St; invalid e-mail address 
Lucian 'Lou' Terranova (CT); St. Ambrose (57), Harding (62); Bishop Ave; lat6565@aol.com 
Jean (Terwilliger) Massage (CT); Franklin (56), Harding (60); East Main St; jean.massage@yahoo.com
Gary Teto (CT); Beardsley, St. Michaels (60), Bullard Havens (64); Rose St; premierkitchens@optimum.net
Sandra (Teto) Carter (CT); Summerfield (61), Harding (65); Father Panik Villiage, White St; krissyc117@yahoo.com
Robert 'Bobby' Therrien (CA); Pleasure Beach Cottage #22, Reservoir Ave; rtherrien22@gmail.com
Paul Thornfeldt (ME); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (61), Bullard Havens (65); Clarence St, East Main St; vikinginme2004@yahoo.com
Sandra 'Sandi' (Thomas) Whitaker (CT); Barnum (62), St. Joseph's (66); Jane St, Park St; sptw59@aol.com
Valerie (Thury) Hahl (CO); McKinley (56), Harding (60); Edwin St; invalid email address
Vivian (Thury) Mattie (CT); McKinley (58), Harding (62); Edwin St; WilliamMfamily@aol.com
Gerald 'Jerry' Tiano (DE); Mckinley, Lincoln (58), Bullard Havens, Harding (62); Cowles St, Union Ave; gerald.tiano@yahoo.com
Martha (Timko) Enright  (CT); Waltersville (54), Harding (57); Pembroke St; bobmar26@optonline.net
Rita Marie (Timko) Soares (CT); Blessed Sac(55), Harding(59); Smith St,Kent Ave,Newfield,Eagle St,Boston Ave,Summerfield; invalid email address
Gail (Todd) Holly (NC); Hall (61), Harding (65); Father Panik Village, Hough Ave;   g.marie1978@yahoo.com
Jonathan 'Jay' Todd (MA); Waltersville (60), Harding (64); Father Panik Village, Hough Ave; vmitodd@aol.com
Thomas Todd (aka Tariq Shakoor) (GA); Waltersville (57); Harding (61); FPV, Hough Ave, Read St., Col. Charles Young Village; atshakoor@yahoo.com
Linda (Toledo) Braithwaite (OH); Edison, Summerfield, Harding (67); Remington St; lbraithwaite720@yahoo.com
Elizabeth 'Liz' (Tomas) Little (FL); St. John Nepomucene (62); Bond St; jlittle1@cfl.rr.com
Joseph Tomas (CT); St. John Nepomucene, Bullard Havens; Bond St; jat1064@aol.com
Joe Tomek (FL); St. Charles (53), Harding (58); Noble Ave, Foster Sq, Remington St, Priscilla Cr; jtomek@aol.com
Mary Jane (Tomek) Pierce (FL); St Charles (56), Notre Dame; Noble Ave; msos20@aol.com
Geri (Toth) Benton (CT); Edison, Summerfield, Harding (61); Dover St; dizzy208@aol.com Geri: Now
Madeline (Toth) Adzima (VT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius (61), Harding (to 63), Central (65); Deacon St, Bunnell St; banjo29@comcast.net
William Toth (NY); Lincoln School (to '57); Connecticut Ave; BillT@baysidedepot.com  
Richard Tremalio (CT); Blessed Sacrament (58), Harding (to 59); Stratford Ave; rtremalio@hotmail.com
Carl Trembicki (FL); St Michaels (56), Harding (to 57), Notre Dame (61); Shelton St; ctrem@tampabay.rr.com
Richard Trottier (ME); Harding (59); Barnum Ave; bass.hunter@myfairpoint.net  
Madelyn (Tsukalas) Williams (NC); Edison, Summerfield (50), Harding (54); Pearl Harbor St; dandmwil@earthlink.net 
Sandra (Turcott) Rosa (CT); St. Charles (53), Harding (57); Kossuth St, Stillman St, Bishop Ave; srosa10323@aol.com
Stan Tyliszczak (MA); Garfield, St. John's (66), Kolbe (70); Ogden St; stylisz@aol.com
Ray 'Sparky' Ulatowski (MD); Waltersville (57), Fairfield Prep (61); William St; Rusold@verizon.net
David 'Dave' Underhill (AK); Blessed Sacrament (48), Harding (52); Alanson Road (Gateway Apts); davejay_2000_2000@yahoo.com Dave (with wife, Jay): Now
Lawrence 'Larry' Urda (NH); Hooker (57), Notre Dame (61); Priscilla Circle, Carver St; bnlurda@myfairpoint.net

Connie (Valentino) Kasparian (FL); Summerfield (57), Harding (61); Bell St, Nutmeg Rd; invalid email address
Sandra 'Sandy' (Valko) Erdos (CT); Sts. Cyril & Methodius Grammar (57) & Commercial (59); Hallett St; esandbar@aol.com
Michael 'Mike' Valovcin (CT); St. John Nepomucene (61), Notre Dame (65); Pixlee Pl, Summerfield Ave; mvalovcin@sbcglobal.net
Carol (Valus) Jacobs (KS); St. John Nepomucene (59), St. John Nepomucene Commercial (61), Harding (63); Putnam St; 2carol@cox.net
Walter E. Van Alstyne (CT); Lincoln (54), Harding (till 57); Central Ave; wvalstyne@sbcglobal.net
Jim Vancho (CT); Lincoln (56), Harding (60); Central Ave; ppilosa@outdrs.net
Ray Van Stone (CT); St. Mary's (57), Notre Dame (61); Father Panik Village; rayvs@comcast.net
Delmar 'Warren' Van Tassell (CA); Harding (54); Success Park; invalid e-mail address
Barbara (VanWart) Wallenta (CT); Saint Ambrose (58), Harding (62);  Clermont Ave; vwallenta@snet.net
Margaret 'Marge' (Vargo) Ference (CT); Waltersville (57), Harding (61); FPV; mgt10n@sbcglobal.net Marge: Then and Now
Thomas Vargo (AZ); Waltersville (53), Harding (57); Father Panik Village; mrlnl@cox.net Tom: Then and Now
Brian Vaugh (CT); Blessed Sacrament (56), Harding (61); Fifth St.; invalid email address
Sheila (Vaugh) Dion (CT); Blessed Sacrament (60), Harding (64); Fifth St.; invalid email address
Jim Veary (AZ); Saint Ambrose (60), Notre Dame (64);  Bell St.; bfdchief2@hotmail.com
Ronald Veary (?); Saint Ambrose(62),Bullard Havens(66);Father Panik Village,Bell St.; saferonbow@hotmail.com 
Gloria (Velazquez) Soto (PA); Nichols St, East Main St, Central Ave; reynav2m@aol.com
William 'Billy' Verrilli (CT); Lincoln (56-57), Blessed Sacrament (63); Revere St; WilliamV1@aol.com
Joe Viamonte (MA); Barnum (62), Harding (66); Armstrong St, Coolridge Rd; JoeViamonte@verizon.net
Maria (Villanueva) Valle (CT); Waltersville, St. Marys, Harding (69); FPV, Hamilton St; miv@snet.net  
Ed Vitka (CT); Hall (56), Harding (to 58); Canaan Village, Success Ave, Pearl Harbor St. ;  vitka@sbcglobal.net
John 'Jack' Vitka (OH); Edison, St. Charles (55), Fairfield Prep (59); Hale Terrace; jvitka@columbus.rr.com
June (Vlacich) Rodgerson (CT); Edison;  Manilla Place; jjrodge@aol.com
Kaiser 'Butch' Vlacich (FL); Edison Grammar; Manilla Place; sherriebutch@gmail.com
Patricia (Vlacich) Migliaro (CT); Edison, Summerfield (55);  Manilla Place; pnjmig@aol.com
Linda (Voccola) Hanusick (CT); St. Michaels, Blessed Sacrament (59), Harding (63); Hamilton St, Stratford Ave; lhanusick@yahoo.com
Michael Voytek (CT); St. John Nep (53), Fairfield Prep (57); Spring St; ketyo@aol.com  Mike: Now
Kathleen (Wade) Warner (FL); St. Ambrose (59), Notre Dame (63);  Weber St.; dwarner2007@comcast.net address
Sandra Walker (CT); Hall (58), Harding (62); Pixlee Pl, Boston Ave; newcastl45@aol.com
Vern Wallenta (CT); Harding (62); Father Panik Village, Boston Ave; vwallenta@snet.net
Carol (Walsh) Cooney (FL); Newfield (58), Lincoln (61), Harding (65); DeForest Ave; carol.cooney@att.net
Eugene 'Gene' Walsh (CT); Blessed Sacrament (60); Union Ave; clearcortherrien22@gmail.com
James 'Jimmy' Walsh (VT); Newfield, Lincoln (57), Harding (61); Jefferson St, DeForest Ave, Yarrington Ct, William St; jaws1288@comcast.net
Linda Walsh (CT); Newfield (59), Lincoln (62), Harding (66); DeForest Ave; walsh.linda@att.net
Ann Marie (Ward) Swindon (CT); Barnum (60), Harding (64); Maple St; dadaj72@gmail.com
Charles Ward (FL), Blessed Sacrament, Newfield, Harding (64); Newfield Ave;  abw123@myway.com
Patricia (Ward) Rogers (NY); Beardsley (59), Harding (63);  William St.; patjrogers2002@yahoo.com
Willie B. Ware (CT); Lincoln, Hall; Stratford Ave; invalid e-mail address
David Warner (FL); St. Charles (57), Notre Dame (61); Arctic St, Father Panik Village; dwarner2007@comcast.net
Deborah 'Debbie' Watson (CT); Hooker, Edison, Summerfield, Harding (68); Dupont St, Manila Place; Watson4803@sbcglobal.net
Geraldine (Weller) Huckabee (CT); McKinley (58), Harding (62); Wilmot Ave; gerryhuckabee@centurylink.net
Mark Wentovich (HI); Beardsley (63), Kolbe (67); Rose St; jabalon@webtv.net
Diane Weschler (CA); Hooker (61), Harding (65); Hooker Road; fuerzaad@yahoo.com
Ruth (West) Key (CT); Waltersville, Barnum (63), Harding, Central; Father Panik Village, Helen St, Arctic St, Madison Ave, Pequonnock St; invalid e-mail address - Ruth's websites: 1st ; 2nd
Irene (Whalen) Soos (TX); St. Marys; irenesoos@att.net
James 'Jim' Whitaker (CT); Summerfield (59), Bullard Havens (63); Bond St; sptw59@aol.com
Joan (Whitaker) Tomas (FL); Edison, Summerfield (57), Harding (61); Bond St; jmwt543@tampabay.rr.com
Geraldine 'Gerri' (White) Lowe (FL); Blessed Sacrament (54), St. Johns (56);  Success Park; invalid email address
Maureen (White) Steiz (IL); Blessed Sac (to 51),St. Ambrose (58),Notre Dame (to 59),Harding(62); Success Park; invalid e-mail address Maureen: Then
Richard 'Richie' Widomski (CT); St John Nepomucene (55), Fairfield Prep, Bullard Havens (60); Ogden St, White St; rwidomski@snet.net
Doris (Wilkison) Rybicki (FL); St. Charles (54), Harding (58); Colony St;  BRybicki@tampabay.rr.com
Sharon (Williams) Brooks (NC); Blessed Sacrament (58), Harding (62); Sixth St; rbrooks@ec.rr.com
Karl Witalis (CT); Edison, St. Charles, Summerfield, Harding; Pearl Harbor St; 121bhrmct@snet.net
Patricia 'Pat' (Witkowski) Volpe (CT); St. Michael (59), Sts. Cyril & Methodius Comm (61); Kossuth St, Shelton St; vopot@aol.com
John 'Whiz/Jack' Worozilcak (CT); Harding, Bunnell (61); Manila Pl; whiz@snet.net
Beulah (Wright) Banks (MI); Waltersville (61), Harding (65); Father Panik Village; beulah@ameritech.net
Eileen (Wuchek) Morley (NJ); Lincoln (57), Harding (61); Seaview Ave; morley10@optonline.net
Lorraine (Wuchek) Thomas (CT); Lincoln (59), Harding (63); Seaview Ave.;   
Stanley Wuchek (CT); Lincoln (60), Harding (64); Deacon St, Seaview Ave; avenger595@att.net
Dee (Wust) Forman (CT); Beardsley  (57), Harding (61); East Main St & Magnolia St;  formandn@aol.com Dee: Then
William 'Bill' Wysocki (CT); St. Michaels  (58), Fairfield Prep (until 1960); Artic St;  m5573@aol.com

John 'Yak' Yakowicz (CT); Lincoln, McKinley (57), Bullard Havens (61); Stratford Ave, Miles St.
Joseph Yatsinko (NC); Garfield (54), Harding (58); Brooks St, Pembroke St, Ogden St, Central Ave; jyatsinko@carolina.rr.com
Lawrence 'Larry' Yurdin (CT); Edison (45), Hall (53); Harding (57); Success Park; lryurdin@optonline.net
Larry Zaleski (CT); St. Michaels (55); Bunnell St, Boston Terr; lzaleski@snet.net
Richard 'Rich' Zaleski (CT); St. Michaels (59), Bullard Havens (63); Bunnell St, Boston Ave; rich@richz.com
Ed Zapatka (CT); Edison, Saint Ambrose (58), Harding (62);Success Village Bldg 41;  edz@theshoemart.com   Ed: Then
Joseph 'Joe' Zapatka (CT); St Ambrose (61), Harding (65); Court D - Success Park; joez@theshoemart.com
Julie (Zaffis) Marron (CT); St.Charles, St.Ambrose(61), Harding (65); North Bishop Ave; harleygirl0720@yahoo.com
Jane (Zdanowski) Allgaier (SC); Lincoln (59), Harding (63); Newfield Ave, Carroll Ave; billallgaier@yahoo.com  Jane and husband Bill: Now
Chalie Zdravesky (NM); Edison (56); Court D Success Park; hotlix@unm.edu
Al Zemola (FL); Hooker (57), Harding (61); Evers St; althebassman@aol.com
Charles 'Chuck' Zemola (CT); Hooker (60), Harding (64); Evers St; bluechevy94@aol.com
Dorothy (Zemola) Strong (VA); Hooker (to 53), St. Charles (55), Harding (59); Evers St; clintdot2@verizon.net
Jean (Zilka) Mockler (FL); St. Michaels (57), Harding (61); Hamilton St, Connecticut Ave; mocklerjean4@aol.com
Andrea 'Babe' (Zitnay) Ivanovich (CT); Edison, Summerfield (56), Notre Dame (60); Boston Ave; ivan19@aol.com
Barbara (Zitnay) Plofkin (CT); Edison, Summerfield, Harding (59); Boston Ave; barb.plofkin@att.net
James 'Zy' Zyla (CT); St. Ambrose (63), Kolbe (to 65), Harding (67); Success Park; jimbozilch@yahoo.com

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