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Some Good Places to Meet East Enders and East Siders

        "Salerno's Apizza" Owner Carl Salerno (Connecticut Ave., Harding '61) of longtime East-End favorite "C&C Pizzeria" can be found at "Salerno's Apizza", 377-2436, at 1398 Barnum Avenue, Stratford. Stop by for a "taste of the good old days," and visit with Carl, and maybe even run into a few of your old classmates and friends. The name "C&C" came from the street corner it was on: Connecticut and Carroll Avenues. (History of C&C: Carl Salerno's father opened Salerno's Apizza on Park Ave in 1947. The Costa family was their landlord and had started a pizzeria on Connecticut Avenue. In 1954 Carl's father wanted to expand, so he took over and ran the C&C Pizzeria from 1954 until 1970. In 1970 he moved it to its present location in Stratford and renamed it Salerno's Apizza again.)  ?

"East-Enders Sunday at Salerno's Apizza"

Salerno's Apizza has designated the First Sunday of each month as "East-Enders Sunday at Salerno's Apizza".

Owner and host, Carl Salerno (Harding '61), son of the founder of longtime East-End favorite "C&C Pizzeria", is still baking the BEST Pizza in Connecticut, and he is offering a 20-percent discount on pizza on each and every "East-Enders Sunday"

So, drop on by, take a seat at the specially designated "East-Enders" table, order up a pizza with a "taste of the good old days," and maybe even run into a few of your old classmates and friends. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Remember now, every FIRST Sunday of the month, starting at 4:00PM, is "East-Enders Sunday at Salerno's Apizza". Mark the date on your calendar and come on by, you never know who you might bump into!

NOTE: Carl is looking for some old East-End neighborhood photos to display in the Restaurant. If you have some, bring them with you so Carl can scan them into his computer.

    "Once Removed" Member Patrick Speer (Blessed Sacrament '63, Kolbe '68) and his Irish/American folk music band, "Once Removed", perform every 4th Friday of the month at the Gaelic American Club, at 74 Beach Road, in Fairfield, 9:00PM - close (you don't have to be a member of the GAC to get in - just tell the people at the front desk that you're invited by a member of the band.) If you like having a really good time, then you really should try and get out to see this band!  In addition to some fine Irish songs, the band plays everything from Bob Dylan to the Doobie Brothers, and frontman vocalist Pat Speer will ensure you have a grand time Pat always gives a shout out to all the former East-Enders in the crowd, so be sure to stand and raise HELL!  Pat will also, shamelessly, accept a pint now and again from those in the crowd. Treat the boy nice! To get a schedule of where the band is playing, e-mail your request to Pat Speer at:  Onceremovedmusic@aol.com  OR, visit the band's web site at:  "Once Removed"

    "EAST END ORIGINALS"  This is a group comprised of people who lived in the East End of Bridgeport (East of Seaview Ave and South of Boston Ave) prior to World War II.  So, if you lived in the East End, or were born there, prior to December 7, 1941, you are eligible to join their association. I believe that children of East End Originals are also allowed to join. So, if you are interested in more information, contact Mrs. Jeanne West, 10 Wildwood Drive, Wilton, CT 06897, or phone 203-762-3193. They try to hold annual dinner/dances in the Bridgeport area. You can contact Jeanne West by e-mail at:  jiwest2001@sbcglobal.net

     If you have a place you would like to recommend be added to this listing, please e-mail in the name and other information and we'll add it to this listing. Send your recommendation to: