Warren Harding High School, Class of 1954.

(Listing provided by Al Hromjak, WHHS '54, last updated: March 31, 2011)


In Remembrance of the 115 classmates of the Warren Harding High School Class of 1954 who have passed away......

Angelina Artusa Bonitatibus, 07DEC94 in Bridgeport, CT
Lillian Babyak Galaske, 12NOV01 in CT
Paul R. Baker, 01JUN03 in VA
Ann M. Barocsi Fraboni, 03DEC92 in FL
Merwin J. Beane, 06APR97, in CT
Thomas Beck, 25JLY53 in CT, fall while hiking at Sleeping Giant Mountain
Raymond A. Bergen, 03MAR08 in CT
Marjorie Bolden Alexander, ??DEC73 in CT
Geraldine F. Borys Farrell, 26NOV00 in NY
Francis J. Bradley, 27APR07, in CT, cancer
Nora S. Buckley 07DEC03, in FL
Geneva T. Buster
Rosemarie E. Cagginello Moody, 03APR02 in CT
Donald T. Cameron, 31JAN97 in CT
Frances Carlo Mason, 28APR09, in CT
Ruth Cassidy Cryoskie, 31DEC05, in Trumbull, CT
Marion L. Cuming Giannini, 29MAY09, in Bridgeport, CT
Joseph J. Cura, 06APR06 in Downingtown, PA
Margaret M. Curran Hennessy, 22AUG09 in Bridgeport, CT
Roberta Cyr Onuska Kalm, 16SEP06 in Bridgeport, CT
Annmarie F. Daily, 18FEB04 in CT
Mary Lou Diorio, 12AUG04 in CT
Priscilla M. Durost Bristol, 03AUG02
Barbara Esten Mason
Albert R. Fabrizi, 08NOV03 in CT, leukemia
Jack Farrell, 08NOV05 in CT
Virginia A. Fedor Radolfi, 16APR96 in CT
Donald R. Fenton, 17MAR92 in CT
Irene J. Ference Lesko
Theresa M. Ferguson Chymeryc, 29SEP99 in CT
Thomas M. Finelli, 13JUN05 in North Andover, MA
John T. Fleming
Ralph Frascatore, 08AUG91 in CT
John Joseph Fuks, Jr., 9JUN08 in Thomasville, GA
Jane Gerrity Ludvinsky 02DEC01 in CT
Lottie M. Giaquinto Gabriel, 26AUG86 in CT
Peter T. Giordano, 15DEC88 in CT
Robert L. Girard, 21FEB83 in CT
Jerome Goldman, 04FEB92 in CT
Wesley E. Holmes
Joseph E. Holt, 29APR01 in CT
Edward J. Horvath
Richard Huiett, 15MAR62 in NC, violence
Raymond L. Humphries, 21MAY02 in CT
Vera Jean Kazee, 29MAR11, in CT
Constance M. Kelley Naedele, 12NOV08 in Bridgeport, CT, cancer
Florence Kelly Wilkerson, 18NOV03 in CT, breast cancer
Richard H. Kelly, 12DEC05 in FL
James F. Kennedy, 05JUN05 in North Hollywood, CA
Kathleen Killeen
James H. Kinney, 05NOV01 in CT
Albert G. Kollar, 13MAR08 in CT
Dorothy H. Kollar Bartek, 11NOV04, in CT
Jean M. Kopchak Goodwin, 28APR06, in CT
John H. Kovacs, 17SEP05, in CT
Walter J. Kowalski, 01JAN01 in CT
Jack M. Krulewitz, 08NOV07, lung cancer
Lauretta E. Kulis Petitte, 06SEP83 in CT
Martin J. Kusy, 15JAN86 in CT
Mary Ann F. Leja Menillo, 27FEB97 in CT
Joseph F. Loesch III, 18JAN03 in CT
Bernard J. Luckart, 24JLY05 in CT
Shirley Malino Kastens, 16JLY64 in CT
Paul A. Malushizky, 03MAY06 in Hendersonville, NC
Richard L. Maruhn, 03OCT00 in WA, lung cancer
Marilyn Massaria Kohler, 22SEP10, in CT
Richard F. Mauritz, 03MAR97 in CT
Kenneth M. McCarthy
John S. Miklos, 26APR05 in CT
Robert A. Miller, 05MAY98 in AZ
Lillian E. Mitchell Newell, 31JAN93 in CT
Rosemarie Modugno, 11JUN04 in CT
Eugeniusz S. Moldrzyk, 21NOV04 in MD
Robert Moton
Mary M. Muldoon, 08APR10 in CT
Mary Ann T. O'Brian Aichelman, 13JLY98 in CT
Mary Onuska Eichenblat, 24MAY02 in NC
Michael T. Paolello, 21MAY97 in CT
William Walter Paray Jr, 21AUG02 In CT, cancer
Theresa F. Paskin Iwanicki, 23MAR94 in CA
Carol Paslawsky Kepshire, 15JUN01 in FL
Carmine J. Pauciello, 28MAR99 in CT
Eugenia Patrick Kallmann, 18APR08, in Bridgeport, CT
Janet A. Piskora Zakutansky, 02FEB04 in FL
Edward J. Pliska, 08JAN04, IN CT, sudden illness
Michael W. Polifka
Julia Reck, 01JLY06 in CT
Fred T. Riccio, 22MAY87 in CT
Mary V. Rogers Weller, 13May09 in CT
Sallyann M. Samuelson Guffey, 30NOV93 in CT
Frances L. Santilli Rayho, 13APR95 in TN
Earl R. Scholz, 28DEC10, in CT
Frank Senderak 25FEB78 in CT
Janice M. Sheridan Takacs, 23OCT02 in CT
Joseph A. Sobota, 11JAN97 in FL
Janice M. Soltes
Theresa Alberta Spinelli Jossick, Mother's Day, 14May06 in CT, cancer
Beverly P. Sydiskis, Monday, 15JLY57, Norwalk, CT, auto accident
Victor V. Szwajkowski, 5/95
John Tasker
Philip A. Trahan, 04MAR98 in CT
Russell R. Traverse, 28APR09 in CT
Carl J. Trichka, 13SEP01 in CT
Edward J. Tworkowski, 05OCT85 in CT
Warren Van Tassell, 17MAY06, in CA
Theresa Vitale Massaro, 22JAN10, in NV
Robert F. Voytek, 13OCT08
Marion J. Wallace, 01MAR11, in Bridgeport, CT
Marjorie C. Weller Newman
Arnold H. Wheeler, 04DEC96 in CT
James L. Wheway, 01AUG03 in CT
Reginald A. Williams, 15MAY02, in Winston Salem, NC??
Georgiana Yacovielle Cervone, 17MAR00 in CT
Reynold P. Zaczkowski. 2003
Barbara Jean Zakalski Spinelli, 04DEC09, in FL

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