Grammar School Playground Games

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Stikalena  (from Dave Holcomb, of Lordship, Blessed Sacrament Grammar School 1960)

The whole outside gang was divided in two opposing groups on either side of the lovely asphalt playground (whose idea was it to pave the place????) with a few, 3-5 people in the middle.   When the inside guys yelled Stik-Stik-Stik-alena!!!!!!   Both side make a run for the other side and home is to grab onto the fence at each side.  When you run through the middle one of the guys tries to catch you and keep you in the middle with them catching other people.  To catch somebody you have to grab onto them and hold on like crazy and yell Stik-Stik-Stik-elena three times without letting go.  In the meantime the poor soul being held has to break free and can do it any, ANY, way he can.  Twist, punch, jump, run, spin, dodge anyway he can get loose.   You can imagine what happens to those "beautiful" courdaroy jackets we wore and ties and shirts, everything!!!  I don't remember playing this with the girls,  think it was just us guys, us crazy guys! By the way, before I got into real estate development among other things I taught school in the country (in West Virginia) for 9 years. One time I introduced this game to a bunch of rural kids, boys and girls, but would only let boys catch boys, and girls catch girls.  They were in the 6th grade and we had fields not asphalt.   I thought, this will be fun and they won't hurt each other too much....yeah!  This first couple of times we played this we had bloody noses,  loose teeth, kids sucker-punched, girls hair pulled, clothes ripped.   The kids loved it!!!! They loved it!!!!!!!!    The principal thought I better stop or take out a liability policy.

Buck Buck (from David Dave Holcomb, of Lordship, Blessed Sacrament Grammar School 1960)

I remember Buck Buck, guys locked into each other bent over like a big snake and you ran and leap-froged on top of them until you had a bunch of guys on top and then the guys on the bottom tried to get you off.  Also lots of fun and dangerous to spines, backs and necks!  

Stickalena (from member Bill Conway, McKinley Grammar, Blessed Sacrament Grammar, and finally, St. Charles Grammar School Class of 1963)

The Rules of Engagement of Stickalena, as I recall them anyway, were as follows: After choosing sides and assigning positions one row of boys lined up along a fence on one side of the schoolyard. A second row of players lined up across the yard along another fence. There were a number of guys selected to stand in the middle of the yard. Someone would yell "GO!" and the kids would try to run from one fence to the other through the kids in the middle. The kids in the middle would attempt to grab hold of a runner and contain his progress long enough to shout "STICK STICK STICKALENA!" If you were successful you were allowed to line up and run while your captive had to remain in the middle. There were no referees and play got rough, but the game ran on the honor system and if you were caught, well, you were caught. This was recess and it sure beat spelling bees as a competition. By the way, no girls were allowed to play. I don't recall any girl asking anyway, they all had more sense than we did.

Stickalena (from member Rich Stabile, Blessed Sacrament Grammar School Class of 1963)

Man, it seemed like we played that for hours every day and we would go back into school totally dripping from sweat with torn pants and a few bruises that would probably result in a lawsuit if it happened today. LOL



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