Pictures from the combined Harding High School Graduating Class of 1962 and 1963
40th Reunion
November 23, 2002
(Please send in your pictures to Jim Sullivan for posting on the site)

Attendees from the East-End

Class of 1963

Class of 1963

Jim Sullivan, Sue French, Annette Buchwalder Arnold, Iris Rivera Martin, Joe Sullivan

Sue French, Iris Rivera Martin, Joe Sullivan

Cathy Olson Crowley, Brian Hariskevich, Barbara Olson Roman

Ann Avena Banores, Jane Zdanowski Allgaier with her husband Bill Allgaier

Donna Kaplanka ('63), and Gus Portuando ('61)

Dana and Gail Stanizle

Brian Hariskevich ('62) with his friend Annette

Carole Tomek Metro ('62) with Michael Collins (husband of Janet Steinmetz)

Marilyn Cocchiola Goodwin with her husband

Janet 'Torchy' Steinmetz Collins ('62)

Shirley Ericson Dykes ('62), and Maureen White Steiz ('62)

Sandi Napoli Corso ('62), and Marion Burns Lecardo ('62)

Suzanne French ('63), and Marie Ruggiero Appleby ('62)

Annette Buchwalder Arnold, ('63) and Jim Sullivan ('62)

Iris Rivera Martin ('63), and Joe Sullivan ('62)

Iris Rivera Martin ('63), Ann Avena Banores ('63), Jim Severnak ('63), Joe Sullivan ('62)

The Dance floor is full!

Janice Orr ('62)

Michelle Puskas Sullivan ('62), Maureen White Steiz ('62), Janice Orr ('62)

Picture Taking (aka "Photo Op"!)

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