1. Straffer -- town just east of Bridgeport, where Raybessus plays sawfball.

2. ahbeets -- tomato pie, invented by Jerry's.

3. Shel'unh -- north of Straffer, the southernmost town in the Valley.

4. Hun'h -- self-proclaimed ritzy area of Shel'unh.

5. Kingoll -- the name of whatever grocery store that happens to be at Park and North Avnyuhs  [Note: don't fall into the trap of EVER saying the word "avenue"]

6. Seesigh -- Big park on the water.

7. Arnestan Avnyuh -- one of the main access ways to Seesigh.

8. Beersley -- the park with the zoo.

9. Peetee -- not the showman, the housing project.

10. Citrul -- high school on Lincoln Blvd.

11. Winfield -- park on Railroad Avnyuh.

12. mootsarell -- soft, Italian cheese, famously used on ahbeets.

13. scuhmoats -- special version of mootsadell, unavailable in any other part of the country.

14. Sayagussin -- (accent on the third syllable, thank you) big church on the corner of Washington and Pequonnock.

15. The Holluh -- neighborhood near Sayagussin.

16. Melon Street -- street in The Holluh, sometimes mispronounced as in the Pooh creator.

17. Trummle -- town just north of Bpt., a/k/a The Eyetalian Alps.

18. Corvetts -- the Trummle mall, no matter how many times they rename it.

19. Massin Avnyuh -- gateway to Trummle.

20. Kobe -- high school next to Sayagussin.

21. Fairfeel -- alien town just west of Bpt; also an avnyuh with the same name.

22. Howlins -- former department store, corner of Fairfeel and Main.

23. Greenfeel Hill -- foreign emirate in Fairfeel.

24. Naven -- town up the line, accessible by the Wilcross.

25. Bossin Avnyuh -- main thoroughfare to Straffer.

26. Marat Seas -- whatever restaurant is at the juncture of North and Bossin Avnyuhs.

27. The Greek's -- whatever restaurant is at the corner of Bossin and Noble Avnyuhs.

28. Treedoor -- former catering hall on Massin; now home to Tesso's.

29. Bull Raven -- technical school on Palisade Ave.

30. Farpanic -- dicey East Side 'hood.

31. The Trueway -- known to others as Interstate 95, not to be confused with The Connecker, which is Rowt 8/25.

32. The Rock -- Bridgeport's foreign emirate.

33.Marka-john -- club on Beers Street where stags were held.

34. Cabbagool -- Eye-talian ham sangwich.

35. Nyd'ns -- Massin' Av. elite Department store where you could shop for a C'munion dress.

36. Brash-ole -- Flattened steak wrapped around fresh parsley and grated cheese and cooked in the Sunday gravy. 

37. Venetian Gardens -- A restaurant for very special occasions.

38. Mo'er Veelkles -- A nice place to spend a few hours on East Main Street.

39. Andy-Gump's -- Soda fountain/pharmacy on Main and Jewett where you could get a sundae with "dust" (crushed malted milk balls).

40. The Green Line -- CR&L bus route.

41. The Grey Line -- Ox Hill bus line.

42. The Manor -- St Joseph's Manor elderly housing.

43. Taddalutz -- Italian cookie made for every special occasion.

44. PitzaGain -- Easter specialty made with layered eggs, cheeses and cold cuts.

45. Up-the-line -- Anywhere north of Bridgeport.

46. Down-the- line -- Anywhere west of Bridgeport.

47. Froz'nones -- Where to buy slami, cabbagool, bloney, mortadell & 'merican cheese.

48. Spaddacheenos -- The ONLY funeral home for Eye-talians.

49. Riding the Whees -- Driving over the bumps on Park Ave. just before Kingoll's.

50. Sangwich -- Two pieces of bread with meat and cheese between them.

51. Lerner's, Kays, Reads -- Other stores downtown, besides Howlins.

52. The Arcade -- What you walked through to get to Reads and Howlins.

53. Merit Parway -- Anythin' nort of this was da udder side of the world.

54. Tursday nite -- When downtown stores were open til 9 p.m.

55. St. Ray's-- also known as St. Raphael's, parent to St. Margaret's on upper Park Ave., the Eyetalian churches.

56. LawnGieland-- pronounced as one word, it's the land you can see on the horizon across the sound from Pleasure Beach and Seaside Park.

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