Lincoln Grammar School
Stratford and Central Avenues, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Graduating Class of 1958

Top Row (left to right): Andrew Tarczali , Gerry Tiano , Aaron Kendricks , Peter Ernsky , Richard Soares , Oliver Holmes.
Fourth Row: Linda Lomme , Julie Lerner , Lela Mae Roundtree , Donna Dexter , Delois Brantly , Gladys Walsh.
Third Row: Donald McDowell , Bobby Appleby , Susan Drank , Elba Cerra , Janice Webb , Mattie Meggison, Margo Lee , Donna Rickel , Marjorie Johnson , Bunny Middlebrook , Marilyn Schwartz, Shardie Lockley , Gloria Bell, Maria ? , Cheryl Thomas , Michael 'Mickey' Finn, Bobby Vail.
Second Row: Richard Kosa , Lester Atherden ,William Krafick , Issac Mobley , Ada ? , Christine Taylor , Chris Ingram , Andrew 'Butchie' Podrasky , Pat Butrum , Jimmy Ambrose , Richard House, Speros Boros.
Front Row: Marilyn Kopchak , Loretta Zralach , Nancy Corba , Deloris Taylor , Elaine Ferraro , Joan Casey , Madelaine Soda , Mary Ellen Eastwood , Ann Salvagio, Juvelena Camacho.

East Enders from the Union Ave area might recall that Andrew 'Butchie' Podrasky was shot and killed by his classmate, Michael 'Mickey' Finn on Stratford Ave in 1961. Both are shown in this photo. 

If you can provide any Id's, please e-mail them to Jim Sullivan

(Many Thanks to Pete 'Swede' Ernsky for sharing this photo)

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