Waltersville Grammar School
Graduating Class of 1959

Top Row:  Eugene Waller, Lenny Ianncale, Eddie Hatchett, ?-Salerno, Dennis Lewis, Theodore Graham, David White, Robert Blackwell, Howard Colbert, Donald Seminoro.
Fourth Row: 
John Hall (or maybe Hull?), ?, Adrianne Beale, ?, Sherry Gomez, Barbara Wheeler, Roger (formerly Pennoyer) Hagberg.
Third Row:  Ross Carley, ?, Arthur Powers, Dominic Destefano, David Jones, ?, ?.
Second Row:  Julia Larracuente, Loretta Bridges, ?, Patricia Borucki, Alice Coursen, ?, ?-Dennis, ?, Cathy Stokes, Mary Hall (or Hull).
First Row: ?-Federicci, Wistor Falcon, Louis Stevens, Julia Haggerty, Margaret Beale, Catherine Napolitano, ?, John Schaffer, Charles Briley, Cynthia Wynn.

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(Thanks to Roger (formerly Pennoyer) Hagberg for this photo)

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