Boy Scout Troop Number 34
(Sponsored by the Bridgeport Brass Co.)
Bridgeport, CT 


Standing:  Assistant Scoutmaster Belinkie,  unknown scout in front of Belinkie,  Edward Voccola, Richard Pivarnik, Alfred "Superman" Rhodes, unknown scout in front of Rhodes, Robert Alicki, Joseph "Hector" Fortin, Gerald Boylan, William Smith, Nathan Liskov, Scoutmaster Thomas Merola. 

Sitting/Kneeling:  Kenneth Bennett, Robert Pivarnik, Richard Mintell, Vincent Frazzetta, David Mintell, unknown, unknown.

(Special Thanks to Vincent Frazzetta for sharing a 'classic' photo so rich in detail of scouts, their uniforms, equipment, and personal gear (see the fishing rod?) Also interesting is the home in the background with its adjustable wood window screen, lace curtains, and peeling paint. Just a wonderful photo.)

(If you can identify the missing names, please e-mail them to Jim Sullivan)

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