Waltersville Grammar School
Bridgeport, CT
Graduating Class of 1960

Top Row:  Henry Bridgefort, George Bryant, Bob Super, ? , William Coble, Simion Thompkins, Marvin Earl Campbell, David Lewis, Edward Hatchett, William Chantler, William Pierce.
Third Row: 
James Delvy, ? , Allen Ellis, William Reilly, Connie Agresta, ? , Anna Mae Coursen ? , ? , ? , William Hamilton, Peter Patria, Andrew Ayala, Fred Wheeler, Robert Patterson.
Second Row: 
Thomas Bogardus, Jonathan Todd, Alfred Ribot, Calvin Madison, ? , ? , ? , Judy Russo, Carmen Seminaro, Nicky Federici, Thomas Colbert, Cleo Moyer.
First Row: Judy LeRoy, Obie Williams, Carmen ?, Pearl ? , ? , ? , Paulette Bell, ? , Connie Agrella.

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(Thanks to Tom Borgardus for this photo)

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