St. John Nepomucene School
Pembroke Street
Bridgeport, CT 

First Grade Class

Front Row:   ?  , Beatrice Malasak, Anita Bazata, Andrea Biros. 
2nd Row: Barb Skau,   ?  , Gail Kurimsky, Clair Norko,   ?   , Kathy Slossar, Nancy Stovola. 
3rd Row:    ?  ,   ?   , Mary Elizabeth Wargo,  ?  , Pat Halitsky, Lucile Kimberly,   ?   ,   ?   ,   ?   , Chuck Duch.
4th Row:    ?   , Rich Firmender, George Vargo, Bill Voytek, George Lucas, - Flowers -,   ?   , Tom Balbalki,   ?   .
5th Row:  Andy Samudosky,   ?   ,   ?   ,   ?   ,   ?   , - Flowers -, Tom Halkovic,   ?   , Ron Slossar, Gary Kurimsky.
Back Row:  Ron Baricko,   ?   , Rich M, Andy Stufko, Gary Thornberg,   ?   , Joe Kalaki, Joe Madar,   ?   , Jim Murphy.

Special Thanks to Bill Voytek for sharing this photo.

(From Bill: This class was taught by Sister Armelda (unfortunately not pictured) who was, I believe, the oldest Nun to teach at St John's and  a member of the order of The School Sisters of Notre Dame, whose Mother house is still located in Wilton, CT.  A couple things to note are the size of the class (today's teachers enjoy a class size of less than half of what used to be taught) and the furnishings in the room with the old ink well desks and chalk boards.)

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