McKinley Grammar School
Logan Street
Bridgeport, Ct.
Graduating Class of 1931

(Can you find a parent, or relative?)

Signatures from the back of the photo: 

B. Oliver, Mary F. Luby, B. Wakelee[sp.?], C. Greninger, Esther Meshberg, Julia Tremml[sp.], Everlyn Switzer[sp.], Alda Gustas, Dorothy Dickerson, Geniva Pacific, Earl D'Elin, Dolores Van Milsem, Andrea Finard, Lino Didas[sp.], Phyllis Spray, Edna Farrar, Rose Ianucci, Ernest Gotto, Selby Dunn, Vernon Sharp, Frank Anasse, Joseph Foley. 

The legendary Hollywood film actor, Robert Mitchum, who lived with his mother Annie at 476 Logan Street in the East End, is shown in the third row from the bottom, second in from the left. (Our thanks to member Matt Siwy's mother, from the McKinley Class of 1930, for this ID.) 


(Thanks to Stewart Farber for this photo. His Mom, Ann (Levinsky) Farber is 4th girl from left, Front Row.)

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