McKinley Grammar School
Hollister Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Graduating Class of 1959

Top Row: James Bredice (or Jamie Budice?),  Talmadge Fraiser, Tony Santilli, Peter Sarkissian, Eddy Burns, Ralph McCaden.
Third Row: Judith Budding, Pat Massaro , Penne ? , Florence Keating, Marilyn ? , Leola Franklin, Carolyn Bright.
Second Row:
Lenny Patane, Johnny Santacroce, Joe Olsen, Stu Farber, Bill Watson, Anthony Gomes, Jimmy Webb, Fred Lesnick, Bruce Hoag.
Front Row: Audrey McCormick, Dorothy Nichol, Cindy Bouvoir, Betty Ann Agriesto, Ricky Porto, Chris Kovachi, Ann Stewart, Noreen Ryan, Maria Jimenez, Mildred Belko.

Note: If you can provide any of the missing last names, please e-mail Jim Sullivan. Thanks!

(Our THANKS to Stu Farber for sharing this class photo with us!)

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