Lincoln Grammar School
Stratford and Central Avenues, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Miss Kaplan's 8th grade class of 1959

Top Row (left to right): Frances Leonard, Joann Tisdale, Douglas Krupp, William Novey, Frank MacDowell, John Gomzi, Shirley Brandon, Gloria DeWitt.
Middle Row
: Roy Jean Holland, Claire Atherden, Lorraine Wuchek, Dianna DeWitt, Frankie Melvin, Affie Vickers, Marianne Lucas, Joann Pekar.
Front Row: Richard Stockman, Cheryl Hopkins, Joseph Vail, Alice Miller, Beverly Crockett, Susan Moss, Donna Kaplanka, Alan Gopian, JoAnn Vanno.

(Many Thanks to Steve Kurimsky - a classmate who missed the photo shoot -for sharing this photo)

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