McKinley Grammar School 
Hollister Avenue, Bridgeport

Graduation Class of 19

(Please e-mail in the names (or corrections) of anyone you might know. Thanks)

Back Row: Roger Stein, Walter 'Pete' Wolfertz, ? Dartijian, Amos Mitchell, Russ Salerno, Jerry Lutz, Mike Ricci.

Third Row:
Bill Roberts, ? , ? , ? , Sharon Phalen, Martha Sastram, Maureen Leahey, ? , ? , Barbara Turner , ? ,  Tom Olsen.

Second Row:
John Yakowicz, Curtis Davis, Mary Louis Grant, Carol Newhall , Georgia Tarasovich, Gail Chitwood, ? , Gail ? , Beverly Foiw, ? , John Ricci, Jimmy Jones, Louis Costanzo.

Front Row:
Jeannette Patuzzi, ? , ? , Gus Curricio, Jenny Watkins, George Killianey, ? , ? , ? , ?.

Other names we have, some of whom may be teachers, some of which may be misspelled: Dorothy Banks, Gertrude Grier, Regina Zysk, Mary Louise Grant, Gail Noel, Linda Priest, Robert Wesley, Marguerite Page, Dorothy Nicol,  ? Buckley. Can you match any up, or add any new names?

(Thanks to Russ Salerno for this photo)

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