Blessed Sacrament Grammar School and Church Photos
(Late 1950' - early 1960's)

May Crowning; Roseanne Cerra the May Queen, Lenore Serritella 1st on Right.

May Crowning; Forming up on Orange Street.

Lenore Serritella THEN and NOW.

Lenore Serritella; 1st Day at Kindergarten at Blessed Sacrament - 1951.

Lenore Serritella; 1st Day at Kindergarten - 1951, with sister Mary Lou on left.

Blessed Sacrament Class of 1960 girls at Lenore's Birthday Party
Sheila Carter, Kath Adamchak, ?, Lenore Serritella, Sandra Norris, Sue Ellen Savaggio, Janice ?, Kathy Sullivan, Donna Reh.

Another Party - note the C&C Pizza on the table:
Bonnie Costello, Lenore Serritella, Susan Norris, Marie Verrilli, Rosanne Cerra, ?.

1960 Graduation: Bonnie ?, Marie Verrilli, Lenore Serritella

Another Church Ceremony - any ideas?

Mary Lou Serritella, Lenore Serritella, and Janet Galla

Father Francis "Frankie" Galla's Ordination
Sister Amata, Sister Marie Frances, Father Galla, Sister Agnes Winifred, Sister Mary Agatha, Sister Benigna

Special Thanks to Lenore (Serritella) Daninhirsch (Blessed Sac 1960) for sharing these photos.

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