Edison School First Graders Circa: 1949

(Taken on their first day of school, September 7, 1949, at Edison School, which was on Boston Terrace. John Babina recalls walking to the school through the field and swamps behind the Success Park Project, a distance of 1/2 mile. Don't you just love their outfits!)

Back Row: John Babina, and Timothy Pappas. 

Front Row: Henry Lewonsyk, and Jimmy Ryanwald. 

Note: John Babina, and Jimmy Ryanwald, pictured above, who had not seen each other since 1955, met up again for the first time at our East-Enders "Big Bash Reunion in April of 2004.  Here they are at the reunion, with John's sister, Ada (Babina) Sala, shown to the left of John.

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