Success Park Brownie Troop - Circa: 1955 (or thereabouts!)

(A lot of Harding High School Class of 1962 grads in this photo. See if you can pick them out!)


Back Row: Ada Babina (a Girl Scout helping her mother), Carol Smallwood, Marjorie O'Malley, (Cathy or Dorothy) Raynor, Maureen White, Judy Zuklie, Cheryl Petrovick, Elaine Raschke. 

Front Row: LaVerne Massey, Therese Kelly, MaryKate Rourke, Janice Olsavsky, Elaine Robenseifer, Patty Farkas, Mary Jane Cleiendo. 

Note: Mary F. Babina started the first Brownie troop at the Success Park Power House in 1949-1950. This photo is believed to have been in 1955 troop, was shot in front of the Babina apartment, Building 74, Apartment 34, on Court D, Success Park Apartments. 

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